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  1. yes just found how to change camera to full hd cool ! go to continue
  2. excellent work robcat ! thanx a lot i go read all this page after page, with great pleasure regards
  3. hello robcat2075 thanx a lot edit: i just found on the net the old site : http://am.francophone.free.fr/main.htm and there is a part of the documentation i have already but here in french i go learn it have a gooood day
  4. hi all such a long time i didn't wrote in this topic ^^ so then i rebegun to use a:m and i go remake the tutorials, as the flower so good to use a:m, i also looked a little at the examples present on the windows program files folder, some examples are really great so then i have to work hard now just a question: does 3dpainter use opengl ? it would be nice when i will have the need and the money to buy it to make it works under wine on linux regards to all stéphane who did his 30 sheets of paper cartoon https://fr.scribd.com/doc/306849327/La-Danse-Des-Langues
  5. @stefff285:No ambiance occlusion at all. That would have taken too much time in rendering. Lighting was done with three lights - one main and one rim to give definition. To emulate ambiance occlusion, or global illunination, or whatever you'd like to call it, there's the third light as part of a spinning-light-rig, which travels up a spiral path surrounding the whole scene within one frame (at 36 passes per frame). Using 36 pass rendering had this other purpose, too: The fuzzy surface / look of the characters was achieved by using an animated displacement map for their 'skin'. That means that 36 times a frame, another displacement texture is rendered. A:M then blends these passes together, so the fuzzy, yet smooth surface develops. ok thanx i go learn later but i keep your advices in my head thanx a lot
  6. excellent ! how did you made the rendering ? ambiant occlusion ? i'm curious to learn you workflow as a noob i am ! regards
  7. hello fuchur how ! i didn't know about this so sorry so then he answered me. i have two licences so i go try to learn tomorrow morning have a goood night
  8. yes transfert done ! i got ( as i bought two) two new licences for a:m 18t so i go make a walk under the rain (yes i like it ^^) and i go begin my tutorials for 3d graphics see you soon stéphane
  9. hello all ok i did emailed him how many time do you think this would take ? i'm so impatient ^^ regards to you all, you are cool and i am happy to be of yours, as a noob of course regards edit : ok yes ! jason wrote me about my two licences and will write me back soon thans both friends
  10. hello my dear rodney so i did it but now its something as 1 am ^^ i have to go sleep a little after making update to my owncloud server i go read you later regards and thanx you both stéphane
  11. hello dears yes i emailed hash directly by the contact form so do you advice me to contact the person you wrote me the email ? perhaps i have first to wait from the contact i wrote to ? i'm happy to be of yours again, so then yes i'm a sacré bleu and will be for a loooong time regards
  12. hello all such a long time i didn't came here. so then to be clear i sold all my blender 3d books but still want to make cgi. so as i own two licences of a:m 18, i am actually trying to make it being transfered to my new linux system under wine, as i tried before and it succed ^^ and soon i hope i will have the pleasure to ask you several questions about animation but first modelisation. i wish you the best and tell me good luck for licences kindly regards
  13. stefff285

    The Signal Man

    hello such a long time i didn't came on this wonderfull forum but after all it isn't the subject: great animation ! great movie! you made the framerate been close to stopmotion and the choice is good. how did you made the textures ? i actually try to make transfer my licence but hey your movie is great ! respect
  14. hello john ok ! i have to learn soon about all this. this software is definitly very good regards
  15. excellent work ! what surface / textures did you used ? 3dpainter ?
  16. hello robcat in fact i go try the tutorial of fuchur it would be so nice to make scult and paint by 3dcoat the other solution is to buy 3dpainter but is this still available ? regards
  17. hello robcat my joy was short ^^ i think i have to learn as this a:m => blender => 3dcoat => blender => a:m as seen in a part of the forum but stay tuned
  18. hi all as i am actually on my cartoon story, i can't right now begin to practice a:m BUT i personnaly tested a:m + 3dcoat ! so then 1) export model in obj 2) paint and scult on it 3) reimport in obj and TADAM! it does good with splines ! i think i will loooooove this software ! see you soon
  19. ok i "try" 3dcoat so then i have a sofware to play with too regards
  20. excellent work. the fact is there are some animations stilling on the vidéo, after the nails finished their shut down. perhaps too many but with the eye of the animator (poor one) i am i can see some animations at the end are too much. but exellent vidéo, i can 't wait for more regards
  21. very GOOOOD work you did and do ! thanx for your website and demoreel

  22. hello all helloooo robcat how did you the render ? it is very good for me and the animation is cool too regards
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