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C++ Study Group 2023?

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Who is interested learning C++ and computer programming? C++ is the core language of A:M and just about everything of importance in computing.

You will like programming if you like using small things to make something bigger.

We've done this group twice before and at least one person made it to the end each time!

We've found a free curriculum on Udemy that does a good job of introducing C++ and programming itself, so you don't need to know programming already.

What you will need is some time. The early exercises are easy but later ones will need about three hours of devoted attention to get done.

Rodney and I can pretty much answer any question you might have about the projects in the course or the use of MS Visual Studio.

The course leads up to a particle explosion display as the final project. This is my variation of it...


Midway through the course I was able to make this character graphics game...


Let me know if you are interested.


Start date is TBD.


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  • 2 weeks later...

We are still open to people wanting to try C++.

We have potentially three eager-to-start-C++-ers so far.

The basic plan of the course is this...

  • There is free Udemy course with videos (10-20 minutes) for each lesson and a small programming project associated with the new thing taught in that video
  • You watch the video. Probably re-watch it.
  • You code the program
  • You bring your finished program to our meeting. If it runs, great! You can show us what you did that was creative or unusual. If it doesn't run. we look at it to figure out what went wrong and get you back on track for the next lesson.
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I'm still interested, just need to figure out how I'm going to work it into my current schedule.   I should be free Sundays, but need to work out when I'm going to do the exercises.

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