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CutPlane plugin... Don't use?

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Is there known issues with the CutPlane Wizard plugin? I've tried to use it a few times to create a 45 degree cut so I can make a corner desk. It works fine until I close the the widget window. Then AM crashes to desktop - no warnings or anything. It just shuts down.

Is there another, better way to accomplish this?

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I was able to use it in a simple case.

Can you send me the model in a PM and a screencapture of how you have the Cut Plane positioned?


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So I found a way to get the result I was after manually. More tedious, but it worked!

I am still curious about the original question, though. Something like that tool could be incredibly helpful in the future.

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Hiya, Fuchur,

I did get it to work without crashing, but lost all the curves I'd set in the affected spline. I couldn't tell you what I did differently though. Maybe the positioning wasn't quite the same as previous attempts. 

Knowing what I do - that there's negative after-effects, even without crashing AM, that I'll just try to find ways to do it manually. If the extra time is required anyway, I'd rather spend it just getting it to work correctly the first time, rather than fixing errors created by the plugin afterward.

I think Robert is maybe giving it a look, too, though. So I'm interested to see what he may find specifically with my geometry.

Thank you for giving it a test, though!

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Hi, Rob..

Thanks for putting that together!

It's weird that the two sides were uneven, I was holding down 1 when moving the extrusion across, and I had changed the "offset" for extruding to 0. I must have accidentally tapped it at some point. Ah well.

As for the rotating restricted to X. That's brilliant! I saw another vid of yours showing the rotation technique, but it never occurred to me that the axis restrictions would also work for that. That's super handy to know.

As for the tool that removes the need for peaking CPs, I'll have to look into that. Another in a growing list of "cool things" AM can do that aren't obvious, at least not to a newbie. Was looking at the different threads about interesting things people are doing just with materials and decals, and it was making my head spin.

Anyroad, thanks again for the help and the video!


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