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Minor discussion of Buffers, depth and shadow

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Re: our discussion today of buffers in OpenEXR... Here is a tut that shows how to make the detail of an OpenEXR depth buffer visible to the naked eye...


A subsequent test of OpenEXR render in v19 and v17 indicates something is wrong in v19. 

For now, do your OpenEXR Rendering in v17 if you need buffers.

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Answer to another question... what is a shadow buffer for?

A shadow buffer will contain the image of just the shadows in the scene. This can be composited between a render of a CG object and a background photo to make it appear that the CG object is casting a shadow in a real environment.

When not rendering to OpenEXR, buffers get saved in their own separate files in what ever format was chosen.


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I was able to re-create in an A:M Composite Project a simplified version of the composite we made in After Effects. It could probably be duplicated exactly if i investigated A:M compositing modes more.



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2 minutes ago, Michael Brennan said:

Interesting Robert!

Do you have a video of what you demonstrated?

Normally I would, but the audio of the Live Answer Time session didn't get recorded right so there won't be anything to post of that. It will have to live in our memories!

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I found the pic I spoke of during LAT but couldn't find.

In addition to this image I took to use as the background...


... I shot this one also, with a real object standing-in for where I intended to place the model.


With this I could judge the proper length and angle of the shadow, how much ambient light was on the dark side, and what "vertical" looked like.

It would have been better to put the camera on a tripod and shoot them both from exactly the same perspective.

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