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Disappearing Constraints... work-around!

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Many times over the years I have added some constraints in a Pose, closed the Pose window and then... they were gone!

Now i have found a repeatable set of steps that makes this happen and a work-around to avoid the loss.

First try this



  1. Open SimpleArmIKTest005.prj (Thanks to Forum member Tom for contributing this test case)
  2. In the Project Workspace>Objects>Arm> RMB >New>Pose>On/Off to start a new Pose (aka "Relationship")
  3. In the Project Workspace>Objects>Arm>Bones, drag "handIK" to the top of the hierarchy by dragging it onto the Bones folder
  4. In the Relationship window>RMB on the "lower arm" bone>New Constraint>Kinematic
  5. Click on the "handIK" bone with the eyedropper to choose it as the "target"
  6. Close the Relationship window.

The new Pose will remain in the model but it will have no constraints in it. Ouch!

There is something about working outside that Relationship window, before making the constraint, that causes the constraint to get made only in the temporary Action that always appears while a Relationship window is open. When the Relationship window closes, that Action  disappears and the constraints that were made disappear also.


If you have opened a Relationship window and have reason to work outside of it, close it and re-open it before you make any new constraints.

You can reopen a Relationship window by double-clicking on its name in your model's Relationships folder...


It is possible to have many numbered Relationships in one Pose folder. Be sure to choose the one you really want to open.

I have reported this bug to Steffen. Until he can implement a solution... use the work-around!

@svetlik I think this is the problem you brought up a few weeks ago.



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Steffen has tentatively fixed this in the latest beta I have gotten, so this should be resolved when v19m comes out.

He says this will need to be watched, so if you still have similar problems or unusual side effects, let us know!

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