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Zevel plugin compatibility?

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Hello everyone.

I've purchased A:M, the yearly sub option, and am diving into some tutorials. I'm going through Fuchur's tutorial here. It's a project-based tutorial, which is my favorite kind, so I'm looking forward to working through it.

I've hit a bump, however. I located a couple versions of Zevel via a forum search here, but none of the versions I found seem to be recognized by A:M. I have it installed to the HXT folder, and I've closed and re-opened the program, but it doesn't show in the list when I right-click on the spline.

Is it maybe an outdated? Is there an updated version that works with v19?

I can bypass the beveling steps if necessary. No big deal there. Would like to include that step if possible, though.

Thank you

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Unfortunately the zevel plugin writer wasn't able to donate the zevel plugin code to be compiled for new versions of A:M.

Was that Marcel Bricman? I'm not sure we even know what became of him. If anyone could find him...

BTW, you can run versions all the way back to v15 with your license. Copy the master0.lic file to the additional AM program folders.

It's remotely possible an old plugin might work in v15 but I am doubtful.

Sorry i don't have more helpful advice!

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That's interesting to know about the previous versions. 

It's not that critical that I use the plugin. Fuchur mentions in the tutorial that it's better to model the bevels into your model as you're building it. And I like that more hands-on, plan-before-you-start approach.  Maybe I'll challenge myself to add in the bevels manually, at least on the bigger edges. Good practice.

The advice was great. I had no idea about the older version thing. 

Thanks, robcat :)


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4 hours ago, Fuchur said:

Never forget about "Sweeeeeper" ;).

Best regards

I'll never forget it! Neverrrrrr!!!

Once I've learned to use it, anyway. :)

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Hi Fuchur,

I got to that point in the tutorial where sweeper is used to create the tank treads and it was a bit tricky to get working. I wasn't able to get the same results following your example. Needed to tweak it a bit differently. But then it did something weird to the file where it created a bunch of "actions", I think? It created the same number as the tank treads (32 in my case), and I couldn't delete them.

Couldn't even begin to tell you what happened there.

I closed and re-opened the file and somehow it was corrupted and kept freezing the program. So, I have to go back to a previous version and work back up to that point.

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