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Breathing mask from my 3d printer

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Hi everybody..

since we are in the situation we are in I wanted to share with you a project of mine which I created with my 3d printer and Animation:Master.
It is about a breathing mask which is reusable and is easy to clean while being comfortable.

If you want to read more about the whole story or want to print your own, have a look at my blog article about it:

Best regards, stay healthy and hope you are fine


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Thank you very much for the very kind words guys – it was fun and I hope it will help somebody :).
I have printed several of them now (I think about 10 pieces) and am giving them to people around who can no longer get masks because they are sold out in many cases.

Maybe someone on the forum with a 3d printer like to do something like that too.
If so, have a look at the link and get the 3d data and feel free to print it or change it like you need to do. :)
If you share it, it would be great if you could put a link to the original website or my article.

I think they are a little bit more effective than a normal, self-made fabric mask (not better than the official operation masks of cause, but better then a self made one).
Of cause I can not gurantee that and this is just a assumption from me without any hard evidence... I just think that because the coffee filter used is filtering smaller particles then a normal fabric would. The moment you can get a fabric for the printed mask dedicated to filter small particles I am pretty sure it is better.

The best thing would be to wear both of cause. (this one to protect the fabric one and make it easier to clean, because the hard one is easier to rub with sope and reuse it faster)

Best regards, hope you are all staying healthy and hope you and your family is going through this difficult times without a problem.

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In Germany in the state I am living in from monday on there will be a rule in place to wear a mask when going to the supermarket and driving with public transportation... so exactly the right time to have something like this in place.

Currently I am printing more or less as often as I can a new one for people around me... my family and most of my co-works and friends already have one.
I'll see what I can do about Thom on it ;). But this is FDM not DLP (my dlp printer can not print this because it is too big for that) so the possible detail levels are a little limited.

Best regards

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