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Change Log:

  • Breaking Change:
    sdk changed, external plugins must be recompiled
  • Fixed All:
    0006908: Layer are not visible in chor rendering with Render Lock Mode (green button)
  • Fixed All:
    0006899: View Undo, View Redo shortcuts not editable
  • Fixed All:
    0006906: Reordering Null in heirarchy causes crash
  • Fixed All:
    0006907: Adding one model to another model causes crash
  • Fixed All:
    0006904: Cloth object doublesizes and misses deflector objects
  • Fixed All:
    0006902: AppHang on Render
  • Fixed All:
    0006901: Five pointers and splines disappear
  • Fixed All:
    0006903: Duplicator wizard doesn't work.
  • Fixed All:
    0006900: Can't Undo after Lathe. Screen redraw stops working.
  • Fixed All:
    0006898: UV-Editor does not show any wireframes/CPs of mapped objects...
  • Fixed All:
    0006896: Distrotion box in Action causes crash
  • Fixed All:
    0006893: Multiple Models on Path not on path and wrong multiple For the second problem (does not insert choosen number of models) a new checkbox "Allow overlapping" is added , then the choosen number is always imported , otherwise a overlapping bbox check is done and this can reduce the number of imported models.
  • Fixed All:
    0006887: Pose Sliders do not show current value of Pose
  • Fixed All:
    0006888: Image sequence "Frame" settings are ignored
  • Fixed All:
    0006890: booleans broken in final render
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It looks to me like the links to the windows installers point to the older v19e version.

In the past I'd just correct the link but I don't seem to have that editing power.

Even though the initial installer says v19f1 the about dialog after installation suggests it is actually v19g:

v19g 64bit:



v19g 32bit:




Added:  Yay!  Decaling works again! :)

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Thanks Jason!  :)

Now fixed! 

The direct link to the e version was likely the temporary fix to push Windows users back to the e release... due to broken decals etc... so the next time you copy/paste for the future releases all should be well with the simple copy/paste.

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Thanks, Jason and many thanks to Steffen for this new release.

I've been alpha-testing v19g for several weeks now and it does fix a lot of pesky problems.

However, I have noticed a problem around complicated "Undo" operations. I don't know exactly what circumstance triggers it but most of the freezes I've had have come after an Undo after some sort of copy task, like the Dupe wizard.

I suggest everyone enable the automatic backup feature in A:M. Do that and you need never lose more than 5 minutes of work. It's on a Tab in Options:


Aside from checking Auto Backup, i recommend you also enable "Use global backup directory" and choose an easy to find location on your fastest drive.

Set the "Interval" to  5 minutes. After you make these settings, force a Project Save before you quit A:M to make it remember these new preferences.

Every  x minutes A:M will capture the entire hierarchy of your project across multiple drives or folders and backup all relevant files.

If you have a crash you could open up the PRJ in the backup folder and work on that, but then you wouldn't be working in your regular project folder anymore.

I usually just pluck out the files that I need to recover from the backup (for me, it's always a PRJ) and drop those into the relevant spot in my regular work folder, then resume A:M-ing

A:M saves each of these backups in a folder with your PRJ name and adds a unique number to distinguish it from previous backups of the same-named PRJ. It retains up to the number you have in "Count" and deletes older ones.

However, when you save your current PRJ under a new name (such as with an incremented version number like i do) A:M starts over and ignores older backups under previous PRJ names. They will pile up... you need to go into the backup dir and clean it out occasionally.

Why do I save increment numbered versions if A:M is making automatic backups? Because I know I may need to backtrack on my work, not just 20 minutes, but maybe days to recover from some strategy mistake I've made even if A:M never crashes at all.

A:M Automatic Backup.  Turn it on. Use it. You will never need to lose important work again.

Example backup result...



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Just now, Rodney said:


I wonder if the issue you are having with the Dup Wizard relates to the SDK update and requirement for recompiling of plugins?

I have no idea, really, but my first guess is not, since the Dup wizard is an included plugin that gets recompiled with A:M and is not an "external" third party plugin.

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