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Found 13 results

  1. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v19.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log: New All it's now possible to C&P viewportsettings from one window to another one open the "View Settings" dialog for the source window , push "Copy", open the "View Settings" dialog for the destination window, push "Paste" Minor Fix Bullet Soft Body -> Advanced Options -> Subdivide this property is now only displayed, if no Hooks or 5Pointers in the model(before it was still ignored at simulation time) Fixed All 0006961 Font Wizard Freeze Fixed All 0006960 Crash on DXF Export Fixed All 0006957 Crash on quit Fixed All 0006956 Patch images don't render Fixed All 0006871 Drag decaling in Action View dragging a image into a action view or over a model in a action, has now the same behavior as doing this in a modelling window Fixed All 0006951 PushCPs doesn't PushCPs Fixed All 0006955 Crash on PRJ Save Fixed All 0006953 Crash after Render Fixed All 0006946 Polygon export creates faulty polygons fix can have sideffects for other export plugins too, external developers should check this Fixed All 0006952 Crash on Bullet Simulation Fixed All 0006938 Bullet simulates with stragne results Fixed All 0006948 Crash if "Clone CP Weights" used twice Fixed All 0006945 Crash after CTRL-Selecting bones in Chor Fixed All 0006943 Render>Show Bones, Show Grid not working Fixed All "World Space" button working again (has only effect in chor or action and not for Rotate Manipulator)
  2. Installers: Windows: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Mac OS X 10.13.6 or earlier: Intel Mac v19.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 SDK: v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log: Fixed All 6975 partially transparent geomtery disappears Fixed All 6962 Action Keyframes lost when Action window closed Fixed All 6971 Keyframes lost after closing Chor window Fixed All 6972 v19j CP weight editor creates double entries and unwanted weights. Fixed All 6969 32-bit version freezes on render Fixed All 6968 Putting cloth defelctor in Ground causes Ground to fall Fixed All 6966 Request: More subdivisions possible on Simcloth "deflector"? Fixed All 6959 Particle Opacity Over Lifetime doesn't work
  3. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v19.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log: Fixed All: 0006942 Audio in Chor doesn't play Fixed All: 0006941 Crash on Decal scaling New All: for chor new entry in the menu -> "Bake and Remove Bullet Constraints" bake simulation data and remove than the Bullet Constraints from the models If the Shift key is hold while clicking this entry, a simulation run is first done for all Bullet Constraints New All: for objects new entry in the menu -> "Reset Main Bone", set the main model bone back to the default values (helpfull for simulation with bullet constraint, if the main bone not at default , unexpected behavior can occur) Fixed All: 0006934 Bullet "Bounce" parameter has no effect Fixed All: 0006938 Bullet simulates with strange results Fixed All: 0006820 Specular highlights not working on transparent surface. Fixed All: 0006931 Magnet Mode distance handles disappear Fixed All: 0006935 Rotoscope disappears if resized Fixed All: 0006933 32 bit version crashes Fixed All: 0006928 AI-Wizard crashes A:M Fixed All: 0006932 Explode/Rebuild doesn't work Fixed All: 0006937 Crash on adding Null Fixed All: 0006936 Crash on Save Fixed All: 0006895 Depth of field doesn't work Fixed All: 006894 Scale keys lost after save Fixed All: 0006914 NetRender: Corrupted surface on first frames Fixed All: 0006927 Final render darker than previous versions Fixed All: 0006926 Decal Image name lost after adding non-loca material. Fixed All: 006921 Crash on dragging Groups in PWS Fixed All: 0006919 Crash after selecting CPs Fixed All: 0006912 Netrender: Can't expand "Time" Column Fixed All: 0006913 NetRender: Disabled slave Prgress precent freezes Fixed All: 0006925 endless loop for complex undoing operations Fixed All: 0006920 Pose slider made by Push_CPs doesn't work Fixed All: 0006855 Soft shadows not soft Fixed All: 0006917 Reordering Groups after making keyframes in Chor causes crash 11 Fixed All: 0006922 Substeps for frame render is always 0:0... Fixed All: 0006811 incorrect real-time and progressive renders on particle image sequences New All It's now possible to show in which group a cp is in.For existing installations the button needs to be add manually. Add the button Tools->Customize->Commands->Manipulator -> "Show Groups, where the CP is included" to the toolbar, or "Reset Toolbars" For new installations it's default in the manipulator toolbar. Works only for single selected cp's. OSX latest supported version is OSX 10.13.6, because my mac can't be updated to a newer OSX version
  4. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v19.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log: Breaking Change: sdk changed, external plugins must be recompiled Fixed All: 0006908: Layer are not visible in chor rendering with Render Lock Mode (green button) Fixed All: 0006899: View Undo, View Redo shortcuts not editable Fixed All: 0006906: Reordering Null in heirarchy causes crash Fixed All: 0006907: Adding one model to another model causes crash Fixed All: 0006904: Cloth object doublesizes and misses deflector objects Fixed All: 0006902: AppHang on Render Fixed All: 0006901: Five pointers and splines disappear Fixed All: 0006903: Duplicator wizard doesn't work. Fixed All: 0006900: Can't Undo after Lathe. Screen redraw stops working. Fixed All: 0006898: UV-Editor does not show any wireframes/CPs of mapped objects... Fixed All: 0006896: Distrotion box in Action causes crash Fixed All: 0006893: Multiple Models on Path not on path and wrong multiple For the second problem (does not insert choosen number of models) a new checkbox "Allow overlapping" is added , then the choosen number is always imported , otherwise a overlapping bbox check is done and this can reduce the number of imported models. Fixed All: 0006887: Pose Sliders do not show current value of Pose Fixed All: 0006888: Image sequence "Frame" settings are ignored Fixed All: 0006890: booleans broken in final render
  5. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v18.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log Fixed All - 6834: Project with Hair Material does not load anymore and blocks A:M... Problem too much particles to render in realtime view Solution 1: hit escape key twice while project is loading (escape key stops now also realtime render for hair systems) Solution 2: set the "Density Factor" to 0,1% or lower (Default is now 1%) "Hair System" -> "Realtime" ,if "Quality" is set to "Shaded" Fixed All Bullet Constraint / Bullet Soft Constraint , not longer possible to attach this constraints twice to the same bone Updated All BulletBatch plugin added "Rolling friction" and possibilty to set the values back to default New All Plugin to modify parameters for bullet rigid constraints on multiple models a chor, only parameters where the checkbox "Set" is active are applied to the selected bullet constraints on choreographie -> "Modify Bullet Constraints on multiple models" New All new constraint "Bullet Soft Constraint" added, model with this constraint applied act as softbodys (deformable hull) in bullet simulation New All menu for Choreographie has now a entry "Remove Bullet Constraints" starts a dialog, where You can select the Bullet constraints , You want to remove from models (Extended selection in the listbox) Updated All help for Softbdy constraints added ("Display help for this propertie") Fixed All - 6835: Bullet simulates incorrectly Fixed All - 6832: Bullet crash Fixed All - 6837: Loss of "Play" and crash Bullet constraints are only attachable in a chor , not in actions. Fixed All - 6836: Fails to load project with external object under a folder Fixed OSX Only - 6845: v19D SSE 4.2 Fails to Load. Library not loaded: /opt/local/lib/libHalf.12.dylib A small note I have this for a bit but just got the chance to post it.
  6. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v18.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All - 6824: SimCloth crash Fixed All - 6823: SSS + Displacement Material = crash Fixed All - 6819: Hair guide CP's not easily controlled. Fixed All - 6821: Crash on Save after Model Swap New All Speedup for Simcloth with OpenMP , to disable this option set "Tools->Options->OpenMP Threads" to "Disable OpenMP" Fixed All - 6817: Mirror Bone crashes Fixed All - 6818: Simcloth crashes Fixed All Simcloth plugin fixed memory leak, when cloth simulation is aborted with "Esc" Fixed All - 6816: Group Select>Deselect>Copy causes PRJ corruption New All - 6813: Suggestion: CP Weights dialog box to remember last position Fixed All - 6812: Mirror Bone not mirroring CP weights completely Fixed All - 6815: Duplicator Wizard does not duplicate hooks Fixed All - 6808: Backup not saving current state of PRJ backup can now also maked as single backup (not timed) started from menu entry "Backup Project" or button (Commands->Standard, button can be added manually or with "Reset Toolbars"), a keyboard shortcut can be assigned ("Project:Backup Project") New All - 6809: Feature refinement: Progressive Render Limit Partially Fixed - 6796: Kleig light rim not blocked by object not fixed yet,when volumetrics is ON
  7. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v18.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All: [bug]6505[/bug] Layers drawn in front Fixed All: [bug]6631[/bug] Depth sorting problems in choreography Fixed All: [bug]6643[/bug] Bias-Handler not showing (the line of the bias handlers not visible) Fixed All: [bug]6540[/bug] copy loose decaling on 5 point patch Fixed All: [bug]6647[/bug] Grid only shows when an object is selected Fixed All: [bug]6663[/bug] After Deleting a spline, Undo does not restore it. Fixed All: [bug]6664[/bug] Crash upon drawing spline in new PRJ Fixed All: [bug]6666[/bug] Crash after multiple Undos Fixed All: [bug]6668[/bug] V18p Axis handles for Scale mode not drawn properly Fixed All: [bug]6660[/bug] Play range do not stick when saving and loading a scene/project Fixed OSX: Combobox "OpenMP Threads" doesn't display correct the last choice Fixed OSX: Particlesystem generated on the false coordinates (comparing to the windows version) Fixed All: [bug]6670[/bug] Patches not completely drawn in in real-time view Fixed All: [bug]6671[/bug] Distortion Box CPs disappear Fixed All: [bug]6672[/bug] Undo doesn't work in Distortion Mode Fixed All: [bug]6673[/bug] Lens flare errors in Net Render Fixed All: [bug]6571[/bug] Net Render slaves cannot load camera from Technocrane Fixed All: [bug]6674[/bug] Prop not visible after Turn Fixed All: [bug]6675[/bug] Prop textures not displayed correctly Note: For decaltype "Color" the alpha channel is not used in final render, if You need this, change the decaltype in the chor to "CookieCut" (the obj file format doesn't know such a type)in contrast the realtime render use the alpha channel, even the decaltype is "Color", but I will not change this behavior due heavy sideeffects Fixed All: crash , when the decaltype for a prop decal is changed to Bump or Displacement Fixed All: Combobox for decaltypes displaying now only the usable decal types for props Fixed All: Bump and Displacement maps for Props now working properly
  8. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v18.0n Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All: - 6628: Exporting MDL from Chor causes crash Fixed OSX: - 6630: Option Dialog Box changes crash Fixed All: - 6635: Instead wizard amplitude appointed wizard mirrorbone Fixed All: - 6632: Simcloth simulation crashes Fixed All: - 6638: NetRender crash when changing JPEG settings New All: menu entry for Models "Renumber CP's" renumber the model cp's
  9. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log New All: - 6627: Very slow rendering on select frames New All: - 6624: "Paste with Bones" over-simplifies CP Weights New All: - 6621: Expressions no longer possible New All: - 6616: 2-axis Translate handles not drawn properly New OSX psd and tif imageformat plugins added New All: psd files are corrupted if they have a alphachannel Changed All tif imageformat plugin, added compression dialog avaible compression types None,Packbits,LZW,Zip default is LZW New All: - 6611: "Apply Snapshot" not available in Pose Window changed "Apply Snapshot" applied snapshot now correct scaled , if a value 1 is used for the created decalimage possible to input the value for scaling numerical New All: "Remove All CP Weights" has reassigned some cp's to the false bone New All - 6623: Plugin "Clone CP Weights" clone the weights from one model to another model , the target must be identical to the source model (bones,cp's) except the cp weights and cp bone assignments New All: crash in AMXtex plugin , when export animations
  10. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All - 6601: Percentage pose and skeltal keyframe bug Fixed All - 6599: Filepath recognition is not the same as used in master.exe and renderserver.exe Fixed All - 6311: Patch Images do not Bake Fixed All - 6598: realtime display error for textures with alpha channels Fixed All - 6595: Boolen Cutter is working from some viewpoints perfectly, but from other not.... Fixed All - 6539: average normal Fixed All - 6597: Crash when rendering from a non camera view and Motionblur is active New All - 6391: Set camera to current view two new menu entries for camera objects in a chor Set camera to bird view" transfer the actual camera view into a birdseye view in perspective mode "Set bird view from camera" transfer the actual birdseye view to the selected camera, switch to camera view and make keyframes for rotation and transformation, the birdseye view must be in perspective mode otherwise this option is not avaible New All new plugin "Textured Grid", avaible only from the objects folder self "Select Image", opens a image selection dialog for selecting the decalimage to use "Pixel per Unit", let You define the gridsize for the create model can be a float value (as example 6.4) "Subdivision x" , how many subdivision in the width axis should be createt "Subdivision y" , how many subdivision in the height axis should be createt "Offset (Pixel)", how much pixel the decal should moved on the gridplane in x and/or y axis , if there any other value as 0 in this editfields a wraparound for the decal is done "Copies", how many models should be createt , minimum value is 1 makes only sense if a offset is used , the offset is shifted for each model "Use offset for the first model",if the checkbox is checked the offset values are used also for the first created model "Orientation" , in which view the grid should be created "Modelname" , the name for the created model , if "Copies" > 1 then a numericalvalue is add to the name Changed All new button for "Zoom Selected Object", add this button manually from "Customize->Commands->Navigation" to a toolbar keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Z (as before), but can be changed now if You use this from camera or light view , it creates a keyframe for the computet new rotation Changed All ViewSettingsDialog added a "Apply" button applied changed settings without closing the dialog Changed All Switching viewmode to perspective has now as default keyboard shortcut VK_NUMPAD9 (9 on the numpad) , only active if You have not changed any keyboard acceleration at "Customize->Commands->Keyboard" to get the default acceleration back , You need to delete the file Master.MAC(Master_64.MAC for the 64bit version) in the A:M directory Changed All Particle systems speedup for Blobby (rendering) and Fluid (computation) Changed All Final rendering with SSS on speedup, if OpenMP is enabled
  11. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log New All: (0006593: Wizard: Import Images on Grids) Plugin "Gridimages" , avaible from a choreographie "Add Images"opens a image selection dialog for selecting the decalimage, multiple selection is possible if the checkbox "Import as an animation or a sequence of images" (win) or "Import as sequence" (mac) is checked and the selected image is a imagesequence a animated decal is created can be used multiple times, new selected images are added at the end of the imagelist "Clear List" remove all items from the imagelist Listbox Imagelist you can drag and drop the entries to make a specific order with You get a menu Menu item "Add Images" the same as the Button "Add Images" Menuitem "Remove selected" removes the selected item from the list "Pixel per unit" let You define the gridsize for the create model/layer, can be a float value (as example 6.4) resulting gridsize is shown in the listbox "Subdivision" how many subdivision in the width/height axis should be createt, has only influence if "Create as" "Model" is selected "Create as" "Model" , creating models for the images "Layer" , creating layers for the images[/b][/b] "Create as CookieCut Decal" create the decal as a CokkieCut deacltype instead of the default Color typ decal has only influence if "Create as" "Model" is selected[/b][/b] "Add to chor" add the created models/layers to the choreographie, if more than one image is in the imagelist a general offset between the importet models is computet, so they don't overlap[/b][/b] "First position" the position for the first created model[/b] "Offset" a additonal position offset "Orientation" in which view the grid should be created has only influence if "Create as" "Model" is selected "Modelname" the basename for the created models/layers New All: menu entry bones menu "Bone snap to CP" snap Bone to nearest cp no keyboard modifier -> bone pivot is snapped keyboard modifier Shift -> bone pivot is snapped, bone end is moved to maintain bone length keyboard modifier Ctrl -> bone end is snapped, bone pivot is moved to maintain bone length New All: popup menu entry for imagecontainer "Reload Images" reload all images, if the timestamp for a image is modified , refresh icons in the projectbar and realtime textures related sdk command GetHProject()->ReloadImages(); New All: popup menu entry for single image "Reload Image" reload the image, if the timestamp for the image is modified , refresh icons in the projectbar and realtime textures New All: SDK addition HLayer creation and import into a chor Fixed All: Turn rotates only around the global axis of selected objects , not the local axis Fixed All: [bug]6605[/bug] Group constraint does not obey normal Compensate Mode practices. Fixed All: [bug]6606[/bug] Moving Bone does not "dirty" model Fixed All: "Snap group to grid" for CP's in action or relation Fixed OSX: Imagefile dialog has now the checkbox "Import as sequnce" similar to the windows version Fixed OSX: file open dialog has now the checkbox "Cancel all remaining missing files during this load." similar to the windows version Informational "Bone snap to grid" snap Bone to nearest grid position no keyboard modifier -> bone pivot is snapped keyboard modifier Shift -> bone pivot is snapped, bone end is moved to maintain bone length
  12. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Intel Mac SSE4.2 Change Log Fixed All [bug]6585[/bug] Crash when change group order. Fixed All [bug]6562[/bug] SSS and Average Normals don't appear to work together. Fixed All [bug]6584[/bug] CP Weight does not work. Fixed All [bug]6583[/bug] Render crash by the pose sliders. Fixed All [bug]6572[/bug] hover text for bone draw mode Fixed All [bug]6587[/bug] Renderserver: Cannot access selected output directory! error Fixed All [bug]6573[/bug] Render or Netrender hangs on specific FRAMES Fixed All [bug]6580[/bug] Model Window's Background color is set to (0,0,0) Fixed All [bug]6564[/bug] impossible to select (Lasso line mode) - new all [bug]6581[/bug] Please add output image with alpha unpremultiply format settings Added new setting "Save with unpremultiplied alpha" to the output properties page, default value is "Off" Fixed All [bug]6586[/bug] Renderserver: "Unable to save outoput path" error and saved files are highly fragmented Fixed All [bug]6594[/bug] The GPU memory total amount RenderSlave uses is too big. It' configurable for each render job .Default value for GPU and OpenMP using is off, it can be changed on the first page from the job wizard (renderserver) The configuration is render job dependant and has precendence over the gpu settings on the render options page. Changed All OpenMP In the global properties page is now a combobox , where You can select the number of threads which OpenMP should use or disable OpenMP.
  13. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac Fixed All [bug]6542[/bug] Crash When Rendering With SSAO & Stereo Together Fixed All [bug]6528[/bug] Crash after editing groups then re-ordering htem in PWS Fixed All [bug]6523[/bug] Rotate manipulator not drawn correctly Fixed All [bug]6538[/bug] strange hair
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