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Hash, Inc needs new polo work shirts. I though this was something I could do myself but we need your help.

  • All Entries can be used all Hash, Inc and Animation Master promotional needs
  • The Deadline is 01/02/15 at midnight
  • If we use your design we will get you a $50.00 Gift Certificate for https://www.hash.com/store
  • We may use more then one design so any that we use will get the Gift Certificate too.
  • There is also a chance to see your design on the Hot Girls we bring to trade shows.
  • And just in case you think the guys at Hash, Inc. or the guys we bring to trade shows are hot we will be in them too.

What we looking for:

  • a 4-7 color design.
  • The Name Hash, Inc. and/or Animation Master on it
  • If you want to use the full logo the web link on it
  • Something "Classy", "Nice" and "Tech" Looking

There check list:
  • No small lettering or tiny detail (fonts should be at least 1/4" high)
  • No photographic imagery or gradients
  • The largest and clearest graphics will render to embroidery the best

Good Sample Image:


What they do not want:




The Colors we are thinking:






I like this design:



I like this because I can put our web Address below the design.


If you find more you like you can check them out HERE!


If you have any questions just ask here.

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New polo shirts! That sounds like a commitment to the future!


We've got a number of smart designers around here, there ought to be some good entries!

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from what i can tell polo pockets are about 3" wide by 4" tall.

so leave about 1/2" of space on all sides.

so looking at a design size of about

2" x 3".

hope this helps.

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They are saying it's best to use large images because of the way the get data for the embroidery. So i think the images should be large and either square(if they have the name and web address or 16x9 but it looks like then I use there design tool the space for the logo and data is 4" x 4"


you can plat with your design and text options here.


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Better suppliers than VistaPrint, they offshore their work to the islands to dodge taxes.

Artwork as vector pdf works the best for digitizing. You risk getting lousy stitch-outs if you leave it to the embroiderer to auto trace the art.


Usual screen printed left chest is 4x4 max and embroidery you can go 3 1/2 x 3 /12 unless it's going on a pocket then you should keep it under 2 1/2 wide

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