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New Hash Inc Postcards/Business cards

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Hash, Inc. is looking to make new Postcards and Business cards. I like the ones we used before but this time we are looking for something more simple. Just a few images, a slogans and some other info email, Facebook, fax, links stuff like that I will be following this post so if you need anything form me let me know I will be reordering on march 15th so I can get the in time for ECC


For the cards I was thinking 2 sided on the front logo/image on the back useful links like amfilms, youtube, facebook, stills, forums and what not.


Here is links to the templates.


Post Cards


Hash, Inc. Info


Hash, Inc.

10411 NE 110th cir

Vancouver, WA 98662


support@hash.com (support)

orders@hash.com (ordering)


Thank you for your help

Jason Simonds.

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While an image or images from recent work created in A:M would be ideal something crazy simple with just text works just as well.

The key would be to put something on the back (via a stamp) or quickly penned link to something of personal interest to the person who is given the card.


Example: www.hash.com/freebies


*this assuming there would be a freebies location for the browser to land. ;)

Perhaps Gerald could hook up a link to the A:M Exchange area for that?


Because sales and relationshiops are the thing I would think the following would suffice and be able to be quickly written on the back:




Additional information added as needed related to the interest of the person being handed the card.

Pen in a discount code as appropriate, forum link, phone number(s), etc.



Here's an initial shot across the bow.

Folks can improve upon that.



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The postcard would then be a variation on this theme with a bevy of images on the front... mostly ghosted to fit in with the black (along with the same text and link from the business card).

Not sure what to do with the back...


Note that the attached are just templates with (no images incorporated save the business card as a placement guide as of yet).





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