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Playing with Snap to CPs in a Pose

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I don't know about other folks but I've been using the heck out of the new Snap to Control Point feature.


I was using it before to match up splines and CPs but today I used it in a Pose to assist with precision placement at 0%, 50% and 100%.

My project here was to create a modular monster whose belly can match to 'small', 'medium' and 'large' sizes as well as (manually through the pose slider) other settings.


If you'll pardon the cheap graphics from this POC... I'd say it worked rather well.

I meant to render a wireframe to show the three target zones for the modular monster's waists.

Edit: Mov replaced with shaded wireframe render. (the three ovals being the three target sizes for monsters' waists)


A:M has gained a substaintial improvement in precision modeling through this addition in v18.


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Yes indeed.


The primary stumbling block I had at first was forgetting to name the target group of Control Points.

Steffen says the default target is named 'Target'... 'Target Group"... something like that. But seriously.... we should be creating Named Groups for everything that is important anyway. ;)


Another thing I think this will be highly used for is simply aligning parts of models without concern for connecting them.

Especially in the case of static models this may be the way to go rather than work toward unibody shapes.


Exceptions are everywhere of course which must be considered but in the low rez world I live in that alone will cover many a gap or gaff in 3D space.

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The original purpose of this feature was to help recreate morph targets from imported polygon models as keys in Pose sliders in A:M.


But there ya go... someone's found a new use for it already!

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