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Thought I'd post a challenge here to you John....or whomever...


I've been trying to get this effect but on a grid not a sphere .....to be exact I want , lets say a grid representing a piece of cloth or paper then the MAt Effect to start in the middle creating a hole then the hole to expand and burn away like U seen in the planet burning effect ..... or for a real world example for us old folks who remember Bonanza the TV series , that intro where I think its a map being burnt, tho that one I think starts from the side......just wonder how good (or not) my memory is......off to Utube....


I can so far get the hole in there and it to expand but with no burning away effect.



Mike C

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About halfway down the page of Newton Physics examples are two projects that demonstrate a floating/bouyancy effect.

That might work better than material effects.




The projects have two movie files:


Here: http://www.hash.com/NewtonPhysics/samples/fluid.mov


and here: http://www.hash.com/NewtonPhysics/samples/tugboat.mov



With regard to the second video where there is some 'sinkage', there is a tutorial (with link to project file):



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Those are really cool. Thanks for posting those links.


I wasn't thinking so much along the lines of bouyancy with effectors. But rather how a

boat/ object interacts with the water plane as it bobbles through waves and moving surface.


I was thinking that maybe an effector could potentially fake a splashing wake as it plowed through

the water. Especially on a changing Water plane that has wavy movements.


Mixed with the newton stuff definately tingles even more possibilities for a neat simulation.



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The effector could work for a stationary floating object but not for a boat that moved forward and turned, leaving a curved wake behind it.


Something I was experimenting with was using particles ejected horizontally from a moving shape to build a displacement map for the wave that is created as a boat moves forward and turns.




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