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still confused - want to buy a bunch of v17s, but...


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GREAT to see you still using A:M Elm... you and your group do amazing work!


Well, actually, also we argue a lot on what software to use and such.

A:M still is most versatile though. Think that won't ever change.

Oddly, it seems that a lot of CG people kinda have a biological mechanism that tells them not to be happy without having to struggle with stupid pieces of buggy and overcomplicated (as well as friggin expensive) software. Maybe they NEED to feel like - uumm - let's say engineers or something .. (to compensate their knowledge that, in fact, they aren't :( )

A:Ms simplicity seems to shriek off those people...

This fact explains that A:M will keep its exotic status.

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It's a strange mental frame-of-mind. I understand it but can't really explain it in words. :blink:


I think a lot of it has to do with "What the cool kids are doing."



I've noticed a big thing in Maya circles is the "How to Cheat with Maya" books, as if there's some super-secret thing that's being revealed.


I feel like saying "You don't have to 'cheat' in A:M, the right way is also the easy way", but that's not as much fun as a "secret".

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...Still don't know if there's ONLY the subscription version out there, or if there's also non expiring version by now...


Hi Elm,


As far as I understand it (please correct my if I am wrong Jason) there are two version available:

- A:M Subscription for 1 year ($79.99)

- Never expiring version ($299.00)


Both are download-products today. (only manual + ExtraDVD can be selected to be shipped with the never expiring version).

Both are software-dongled to one computer per license.


> Infos on hash.com: A:M Versions


See you


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