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Moving Fingers

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I tried to make a hand animation today but I was not able too use the fingers.

I used the included model fo Eddie und switched the show hands off. After that the bones for all the fingers where shown but only one bone for each finger. How can I move every segment of the finger? I like to make an animation, where a hand sticks a plug into a socket. I have to move alle parts of the fingers to accomplish that.

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Depending on who set up the character some may have Pose Sliders built in that control at least the basic poses of the hand. To access those you can either open the Pose slider window or drill down into the User Properties of the Character.


I believe most of the standard models that are used with A:M come with basic hand sliders.

For simple poses this'll beat working with the roll handles of the bones.

...they are also very 'handy' for gripping things with. ;)

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