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  1. That means I have to render two pictures und put them together? Strange... I will try it out - thanks!
  2. I'm doing some stills with some primitive ojects and render them as PNGs. The good thing about pngs is, that the background is saved transparent and you can use the pictures in presentations or others. But i don't want just the object but also the shadow of the object. so I switched the floor to "shadows only" and it doesn't render anymore, but also there are no shadows. I rendered it with the toon renderer - does this option not work with this renderer?
  3. Action objects are tricky to deal with. I find they are best for assembling sets, and other things that don't move, or are not going to be manipulated elsewhere in the same chor, for the very reasons/problems you are encountering. (I haven't looked at your project - so you may have already tried this, or there may be something else going on) Have you tried creating separate laptop model(s) called laptop2.mdl, laptop3.mdl, etc - rather than using the same model as the action object in the reusable action object and in the chor? Don't try to use another instance of the laptop model -
  4. Ich made a character, that walks with a laptop into the scene. I made it a reusable action with an action object. now I want the character to put down the laptop on a table. But if I kill the constraint that attaches the laptop to the hand, it destroys the rest of the action. how can I prevent that? I also tried to change the laptop to a real objekt in the choreography by making it transparent but it doesn't work in comic render mode. Then I tried the ON/OFF property to switch from one laptop to the other but the laptop disappeared in the previous choreography action and reappeared in the sh
  5. Ahh, just found it out myself - I have to use the roll handles... But thanks for your attention
  6. I tried to make a hand animation today but I was not able too use the fingers. I used the included model fo Eddie und switched the show hands off. After that the bones for all the fingers where shown but only one bone for each finger. How can I move every segment of the finger? I like to make an animation, where a hand sticks a plug into a socket. I have to move alle parts of the fingers to accomplish that.
  7. I made a simple book model and now I want to use it in an animation. I created 2 bones for both sides so I can open and close it. But now the book bones need to be constrained to rotate only in one direction - I need to prevent the bones to rotate up or down. How do I have to do that? For characters I uses the hash 2001 skeleton, where these constraints are already set. How can I create such constraints for my own? I haven't found a tutorial for that in the manual. Buch.mdl
  8. Sounds to me, that the cloth Simulating is not so easy to use as I imagined. So I think I will give up the use of it for this time. The hair doesn't need to move at all for the simple scenes I have in mind. But I thougt if it is that easy I could add some extras to the figure without making time consuming adjustments. But that doesn't seem to be the case. Maybe i will try it out later when I really need hair or cloth. But thanks for the detailed help!
  9. It will be some kind of comic character. You won't see any detailed hair - so the behavior is similar to cloth. I haven't tried out the hair yet.
  10. I found some errors myself - but it still doesn't work. Now i tried to attach only the attached points to the bone. Here is a new Version Modulvorspann3.prj
  11. Hi there! Yesterday I tried the cloth tutorial. Now I had the idea to use the cloth simulation to create primitive Hair for a simple character. But the results where not appropriate. At least I do not know If i should assign the points of the hair to the head bone or if they should stay with the main bone of the character. But if I do the last thing, they won't move with the head. Any ideas? I try to attach the project file Modulvorspann2.prj
  12. Thanks for the help, I found something sufficient for me - white background and Toon Gradient is there. Shadows are not perfectly white but gray but I think it looks better than black. Florian
  13. The background is already 100% white in my example. How much more illuminated does it need to be? I want to render it with the Toon Renderer - without Lines. The characters are not black but orange and blue and I want a small gradient. currently it looks very flat with the Toon renderer. You can' figure out the parts of the character. The shadows are grey and not black (
  14. Ahhh, Thank you, I was not aware, that there can be more than one choreography action. I already figured out myself to make keyframe that way before adding new (moving and scaling them around some Frames before), but it was a little too messy and I thougt there must be an other way. Thats something Hash could change in future versions.
  15. I still have problems when I combine some cctions together. For example if a character walks into a scene I can use a walk action already there. Then the character stops and does something else. For that i use the choreography action. Maybe I want to move the arm of the character. But when I change something after the other acrion there is always an animation created from the begining untill the point where i first move the charcters arm. This always distorts the walk action. What is the usual workflow when combining choreography actions with reusable actions?? I didn't get it right. Th
  16. Thank you very much! This is what I wanted to have. But what if I add other lights to illuminate the region better? It seems the other Lights destroy the shadows. I also want to render it in toon mode - but I don't think that is a problem.
  17. Hello, I'm new to A:M (Well in fact I used ist 10 years ago - but the times they are changing...) I have a very easy question but somehow I don't get it. I want to make some simple animation, with a black figure on a white ground. So the figure is black and everything around her is white. but of course I want to see the schadows of the figure. So I made a plane for the Figure to walk on answitched the camera to white background. but always is something wrong. sometimes the plane is not perfectly white, but the shadows are there or, the plane is white but the shadow disapears. I
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