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I still have problems when I combine some cctions together. For example if a character walks into a scene I can use a walk action already there. Then the character stops and does something else. For that i use the choreography action. Maybe I want to move the arm of the character. But when I change something after the other acrion there is always an animation created from the begining untill the point where i first move the charcters arm. This always distorts the walk action. What is the usual workflow when combining choreography actions with reusable actions??

I didn't get it right.


Thanks for your help!

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You should drag the red bar to the end of the walk cycle action. If you want it to transition, set it to add in the properties. If you supply the embedded project, it would be easier to explain.

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The new animation needs to be in a 2nd Choreography action.


RMB>New>Choreography Action on the "Shortcut to" your character.


In the PWS, make the redbar of the first end where the second one begins


"Blend Method" on the new Chor action should be set to "replace".


The first Chor action should have "hold last frame" ON


The new chor action should be below the first one in the PWS.


set the time to the first frame of the new bar


select the 2nd Chor action. It will get the Green check on it in the PWS.


set your key filter to "Key Bone"


select a bone that you will be translating and/or rotating in the new animation and force a translate and/or rotate key on it...


Force a translate by using the left/right cursor keys to nudge it out and back.


Force a rotate key by turning on the Rotate manipulator ® and rotating the bone from and back to its current position. This is easier if you temporarily set your Options>Units>rotate increment to a high value like 30.


Do this forcing for every bone you need to animate in the new Chor action


Now you can go on to later frames, animate new movement for those bones and the keys will not affect what was in the first Chor action.




It used to be possible to CTRL- select all the bones at once and force a key on them, but a bug is currently preventing that workflow from working.

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Thank you, I was not aware, that there can be more than one choreography action.

I already figured out myself to make keyframe that way before adding new (moving and scaling them around some Frames before), but it was a little too messy and I thougt there must be an other way.

Thats something Hash could change in future versions.

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I know it seems tedious to keyframe all those bones in place but... they were all going to be keyframed someplace anyway since you were going to animate them with some key frames. In the context of all the things that go into animating a character, it's a minor maneuver.

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