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WIP and Gift

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Time to give a little back to the A:M community AND get some critiques on a robo I did a while back. Can't let John (Artbox) Henderson have all the robo fun. <_>


The model

Uses lathing a bit too much but here it is:

Military Security Robot Download


and a 'few' shots:




















Sorry no wireframes. Render your own... :P

I'll be away from the internet for a day or so but wanted to get this posted before I depart.


Am interested in what you Animation Masters would do differently.


Legal Disclaimer: Use as you see fit. Donation to the A:M community does not restrict my legal rights to use said robot in parts, in close ups, middle shots, or long shots in any spectacular and financially rewarding blockbuster the creator, heretofore Mr. Baker, chooses to create. So there!




Worlds of Animation

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I'm back. Much sooner than I expected. :D


If you downloaded the file *be advised* I replaced the model with another that doesn't have the bones in it. I thought I had cleaned them out. They may be problematic if you want to use it. Please download again...


Those bones don't correspond to the 2001 rig or any other for that matter.

The bones that were in it were there to move the wheel only *as I recall*.


There are several versions of the model as the pictures above indicate.

The model was built mainly so I could learn how to operate more effectively in the Choreography.


Some stats on the robot:

- This model has 360 degree vision in near and far spectrums. (At one time I placed a rotating camera in the visor for the sentry's POV. A fun exercise.

- Easy to animate the antennae going up and down.

- Right hand lazer

- Control panels on chest and arms were never completed


Anyone out there feel the need to complete the model.

Please feel free.



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