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    Fire Light flicker

    I am making some short video tutorials that I hope to upload to youtube. I need some help with the AM "Expressions". It has been a while since I did C and C++ but I still have an understanding of the logic used. In particular I would like help in making an object bounce in one direction then after a set time or distance for the object to bounce in another direction. I am familiar with the GeTIme(), Sin(), Cos(), Abs(), and Exp() Functions to make a bounce with decay. I have tried using the IF function to change direction with no luck. I tired to make an expression for a Yo Yo sting so the string object can be seen to roll up and down but I gave up as my maths is a bit rusty. The idea of the video tutorials is that I never have to worry about remembering and expression every time I need to make on. My bounce tutorial should be on the tube by the end of this week. It will probably be posted as a video response to one of Johns tutorial.