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  1. Thanks I found it on my ExtrasCD. I woun't be needing any documentation on the rig because I discussed the rig with when I 1st got the CD. I was puzzled as to how he got the lip poses to work with so few sliders. Shaun Freeman replied to my query on this old thread explaining how the rig worked. https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=21819&hl= I am going to try and make a tutorial with it. Once again thanks for the memory.
  2. Hello. I am just getting back in Animation Master. I am feverishly looking for a face rig with mouth poses made by Shaun Freeman. I am sure it was on the last version of Animation Master that I bought in the early 2000's. It was either on the Cd with the Wookie or the Orangutan. I know I have the rig but I just can not remember the name. I still have the video Shaun Freeman made to demonstrate the rig but no name for the rig it's self. The reason I am looking for it to make a video demonstrating Jason Osipa's method of using lip shapes to sync to sounds. Also the spinners used in other 3d animation software are too small to work with when doing lips sync.The large sliders used by Animation master are much better for making the lip poses match sounds made by human speech. I have about 10 days left on my AM trial and I got to move fast to make the tutorial. Lip sync Demo Using Hash Animation .wmv
  3. I have uploaded 4 visual tutorials on how to use the expressions in Animation Master. I have tried to make the tutorials easy to follow for those that do not like maths. If I get enough feed back both good and bad I will add more. To make it easy for those that hate the maths some of the expressions used in the tutorial are in the video description for those that want to copy and paste. If you save the clips to your favorites you only have to remember were there are if you need to experiment with expressions. If I do not get any feed back then I will still add more tutorials but they will be hided form public view. I put them up there mainly for myself to save me having to remember them all the time.
  4. I have now made some short Video tutorials and uploaded them to youtube. If people show interest I will put more up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsvZCVRxvgM
  5. What book. Hey I hope your not make yourself money from my tips because I sure have loads more and I would like my share for doing most of the hard work
  6. After 5 years of using AM I have found that when some task you perform in AM does not work the way you want it to, then it is best to start again from scratch. We all have tendency to cling to or 1st attempts when we are new to anything. The problem is with the computer having to do many millions of calculations when you set up a pose. If something small should go wrong that you do not notice then the chances are you project will not work so well the next time you run AM. My tips for making poses are to 1) work with just the one model in a blank project. 2) After making the pose and save the model and test the pose. 3) Shutdown Animation Master. 4) Reopen Animation master and reopen the model and try out the pose. The pose should work and can be tried in the chory or with other models in an action. 5) If you then want to save the model in a project, then crack open the models properties and makes sure the option to have the model embedded in the Project is on. 6)Watch what you have copied onto you clipboard. If copying and pasting take a longtime then save the task at the 1st instance. 7) Once you restart AM flip copying and pasting should work fast. 8) Finaly if you do not have a super fast and stable pc Save and Shutdown AM frequently when performing tasks that take up a lot of CPU power. Don't wait for things to go wrong. I have used this rule consistently with AM for the last 2 years and I have been amazed to find stuff I thought did not work doing it's stuff. Because you CPu has to make many millions of calculations Having other objects in the open project might interfere with the computations. Try and keep to working with just one file at a time and then build your project up. You will also find that if you scrap tasks that are not working out early you will get faster @ creating and completing tasks. The logic behind this thinking is that your not spending many hours fault finding . You just doing what you want to do.
  7. You luck Guy. I had the same problem and it's caused by you possible copying smart skin from one model to the other. Hopefully this link should help solve your problem. I am still on AM version 12 BTW . I am not sure there was smart skin when the Fat guy was made. The might be relationship poses stored in the bones that you copied and pasted with Cp's. the is also a very good tutorial in the Relationship Forum on setting up what might appear to be invisible poses in a model. Any way this link should help give you an insight on transferring and copying model parts. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...hl=stolen+bones Also check out the video tutorial on Relationships cause it will come in handy with your model
  8. Thanks Rodney. It looks like you have pointed me in the right direction [attachmentid=23218]
  9. "Helper and Solver Tools" are the terms used in 3ds Max to label the tools that act like some of the plug ins and constraint systems used in AM. bones are used to in Max but they call there null objects, "dummies". It's possible to get a free trail download of 3ds Max 8 and 9 that you can use for 30 days.
  10. Only if the answer isn't been transported It does make a difference from whom an answer is coming but yet telling truth could reside in all. Niels If only all the philosophy you guys are pumping out could be digital converted to do something useful. Maybe I should go back to programing and set up the forum so people have got the choice of getting notification to answers that are useful. The Internet is loaded with chat rooms and forums dedicated to people playing out drama. When I get tired of the drama I come to this kind of forum and the programming ones to exercise my mind and learn new things. I all so know what it is like to have successfully accomplished something complex in with CG software. One is very keen to show of there results. But when it comes to describing the steps taken to achieve the results most people don't have a clue and will waffle as if everyone listening is on the same page as them. Then one becomes real lazy and will not continue to develop the creation further until someone points out how much it sucks on it's own. @ this point some people come back with anger. Try going for a week without a bath and see how you react when you are reminded by someone you don't know. The same sadly is true for most of the west world. Most people do some kind of job for a living but explaining the step required to complete a task can be a very painful process. Most Employers often complain they can't find good workers or workers that will stay in the company. I my experience I have found most of these employers have communication problems when it comes to explaining the job. And to me the biggest cause problems in the world right now is human communication. Overloaded with information and spoiled with possessions the human mind has become lazy and is incapable of solving simple problems and if left along to long the simple problems become major
  11. Well Rod is you get a chance download thorm Sim_prj. When you 1st run simulation it generates all the key frames required for the animation. Then if you select all the cp's of the action in the time line- 1) Right click and from the pop up menus choose Curve then Post-Extrapolation Method 2) then Repeat or Ping Pong the action is repeated indefinitely without any new cp's being Generated. If you go to simple walk cycle you know it can be pretty hard to keep the feet from slipping if you don't set the stride length properly. And if you constraint your character to a path you can use the ease channel to get the cycle you fit the length of the choreography. The walk cycle can be a bit jerky on it's own but if you add a repeat curve it smooths it out some what. If you don't animate regular cause you don't get the results you want it could be because you are not aware of the AM "helper and solver tools" I figured out how to use the reaper and ping pong functions ( or curves) from the Fire and Smoke Tutorial in the Manuel. One of the hardest things for me to animate was having a character hold and play a guitar or violin. I had been trying such a feat from the 1st time I got AM. Then I solved the problem when I found the Aim at and Aim like two constraints work beautifully when set up properly. setting up constraints can be a real pain if the order of the set up is not right. Example: if I need to have a camera aim at an object while the camera is constraint to a path then I make sure the camera is constraint to the path 1st before I apply the Aim at constraint. When I 1st tried use constraints I was not sure what I was doing and I would often give up and go back to manually doing things and then giving up( LOL). I used to work as a CNC machine operator and I learnt that spending some time with setting up the machines made made them run smoothly and correct. If the set up was not right then one would have a lot of rework and blame the machine or someone else. Just like Scottie from Star Trek I found my self on many occasions telling the boss, " need more time, if we rush this job the drills will over heat and cut every thing to the wrong size". The were times that I or the boss would scream @ each other but when the job was done and out of the way we were still friends and very often laugh at our past arguments. Why laugh? simple because most Angry people are just simply funny.
  12. My anger was not personal but I am glad you saw my point we all make noise we are not aware of.
  13. After trying out other GC software I became aware it was possible to get very realistic and smooth motion by using the motion modifiers provided. When I went back to AM I found AM had similar types of plugin or constraints that aid with Animation. Without these aids the example gif animation I made in AM would have been impossible to make. After looking @ the thorn Sim_prj by Steffen Gross I realized it was possible to cut down Render time significantly using this plugging. The problem with most new people to animation including myself is we tend to do things the hard way for a long time and find it hard to change. Most people fear the maths that is sometimes involved or they give up if some thing does not appear to give them the right results. I have found it rewarding @ to push myself when I try something new that does not work. My rule is if it does not work the 1st and 2nd time then delete the whole thing, reboot your system and start again. If your tired then go to sleep and try again the very next day. It is far easy to get things right if you don't know how to do things the wrong way. So if anyone out there can speak German then I would be grateful if the could translate any information on setting up the plugin for the Newton Dynamics projects. I am still on AM v12. The Thorn project also uses Simo Cloth in combination with the Newton Dynamics. That is why I am puzzled as to how to get the set up project to simulate like the example.
  14. Well My question is quite simple. how did he set up the simulation for his throm sample. I could swear about a year ago there was more information on setting up his projects because I had a go with a sample that worked. I had to reinstall AM a number of times in between and left the Newton Dynamic alone for a while. I am sure I saw some of his instruction in German but the site is not there any more or the information removed. If he has the any useful documentation in Germany then that should be no problem I would rather get the documentation in his mother language than English. Finding someone to translate it in to English should be no problem for me. I am also sure there are German users of AM that might be of help. I agree with everything you say about helping the community I also believe recycling stuff to because I care a lot for the planet we live in. To care sometimes means sacrifice and working just that bit harder to figure stuff out. It's true to say that I can have a very foul temper if I feel I am being short changed or bluffed. But in General I am a very easy going person that likes to communicate. When I barriers to communication like emotional anger rear there head i try and keep to logic thinking and not carried away with the drama
  15. Making a visual tutorial using wink does not require a lot of written explanation. All people have to do is follow your cursor movements. I made 2 short tutorials on "Squash" and "Expression" with wink. The other good reason for making good notes is it helps you to remember. There is just so much to remember with AM that I spend more time making notes on how to get over or achieve certain things with it. My visual note are easy to follow than written notes. The only problem with writing a book is I have only kept to version 10.5 and 12. Taking the time to know how everything works means leaving the upgrades alone. The v13 is not compatible with older versions so I guess right now I want to know what the demand is. Other wise I could be wasting my time. And AM might not like me doing there work for them but one has got to make a living were one can.
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