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  1. I keep getting a message "Exeption #033 Realtime Render" everytime I try I try to do something with the model I'm making. (selecting it, turning, adding CP's, ...anything with the model I can't do.) I've tried the www.hash.com/reports, but it wouldn't let me log in. Anybody ever have this problem before?
  2. I take it that I would have to buy 3DPainter to get that, right?
  3. I take it that I would have to buy 3DPainter to get that, right?
  4. I've tried making decals the same size and larger than the object I'm trying to decal and then fitting the decal down to size to try and make my decals not look so pixelly, but it doesn't work and I'll like to make some close up shots of what I'm trying to decal, but the quality doesn't seem to be very good. Is this a problem with the format or is it just a down side of the program? http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs24/i/2007/361...ct_by_neomi.jpg[/img] (The actually image I used for the decal is a little big, but I've tried it other ways too.) (On a side subject, is there someway I could possibly...."paint" my model with an airbrush or something in AM.)
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