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  1. I love the car character! Really fantastic! I would love to see a mesh of this character. Thanks, William
  2. Nice models Kelly! I will take look thru them more this evening! Thanks for sending! I love your style! William
  3. I can not wait to see. I will take a look this evening. Thanks, William
  4. Hi Al, AWESOME models! I will spend more time this evening viewing. I am have a bit of trouble viewing the photos on your photo bucket account as it posts and error. Regards, William
  5. Hello, I am looking for some models to add to my business portfolio. Ideally I would like to do a trade with an artist at this point. I would mill the foam model out for you for free. Yes you get a copy and I get to show the results in my portfolio. I can discuss further details for those interested. Ideally, I would like to find a great T-Rex, Enterprise model, weapons, a motorcycle(chopper or harley)etc. I can not except every model that is submitted, but I will look and consider all that submit something. To give you of my back ground, I was a digital modeler for Lucas Arts and
  6. Thanks for the question. Some of the wrinkles are modeled in and others are add in with post print techniques that I have developed. Warm Regards, William
  7. Here are some more picts of my process. One shows the virtual view of the model and the other is a view of the wire frame once exported out as a DXF. I export all models at 16 polys per patch. I have included a snake head that I am making for a client as well. Also, I forgot to mention that I can scan in real world items as well and then save them out in to a DXF format for printing or model implentation. Warm Regards, William
  8. Great question! If it creates geometry that is exported out to DXF, than yes. I will run a few tests. I can add in detail as well by hand as well if needed. Warm Regards, William
  9. Ah, holy cow I totally butchered some of my spelling and sentence structure. Rule, do not try to type a message when trying to rush out of the studio. :-) William
  10. Thanks everybody for the interest! Very inspiring! I am putting together some more photos of How I do this. But, in the mean time here is Brief description. Basically this is a time in has the more splines the better detail. I take a model and cut it up into segments and then align them in my 3D printer and then it cuts out the pieces out of foam. I then use epoxy to glue the pieces together and then fill seams with a joint compound or a putty. Sand a little and the put an clear coating over them. and then paint or make a mold. So lets say you have a transformer charter you have modele
  11. Thank you all for the compliments on my work. I will get some picts together showing my process and post them. In the short term, here is a pict of a rough build of the undead mech-soldier. I need to add lots of beveling still and the rib slots are quickly cut out. Also, lots of hoses to be added. Warm regards, William
  12. Hello, My name is William and over the years I have been modeling and animating with AM. I recently 3D printed this guy out, (WIP). I also have been using hash to produce foam prototypes for the past year for local designers. Please let me know what you think. warm regards, William
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