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Finally finished with school. So now I can get back to my real show.

I am working on getting a bunch of still images turned into a video. The version of FCPX that I am using is:



The directions I am using are:


  1. In your FCPX preferences/settings, change the default still frame duration to 1 frame.
  2. Import all of your still image files into FCPX.
  3. Create a new project and drag all of your still images into the timeline.
  4. ‘Select All’ so that every image in the timeline is selected.
  5. Right click and select ‘Make Compound Clip’.
  6. Use your new compound clip as a video file in any regular project.


Line 1 makes sense until you look at my preferences box:



Still image Duration is set in seconds not frames. So I divided 1 second by 30 and got .03. I put that in and it still set each still image to about 15 frames. No bueno.


Is there a way to either directly set the duration to frames, or set the units of time to frames?


What am I missing


Thanx for the help.

Thumperness (David)

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You are wanting to convert a numbered image series to video, right?

Quick question... do you have QuickTime Pro installed? Quicktime Pro will show enabled options for Export and Export for Web under the File menu when you have some file loaded.

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