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  1. I want to finish rigging a couple of characters I started last year.....
  2. You are scary fast David!.....
  3. David Thanks again for all your past help one more question I want to use the standalone FACE interface with the 2008 rig with just the tongue bones do I use your newest version(12 10 2009) and delete the bones or use the last version(12 05 2007B) without bones?
  4. All I can say is WOW! thank you David....
  5. "z_switch_face" is in the installation pose sliders. I'm not sure where to postion it on the face its self. I'm starting over I couldn't get the eyes to work! The Master_Eyetarget, z-center_eye_aiming_bone and eye_null or something like that are between the knees I can't move the eyes at all.(outside some limits maybe?). So I deleted everything and started over. Thanks for all the quick responses.......I may need a refresher course on resetting compensates:)
  6. Got it! It wasn't the compensates it was the target. For the 2008 rig I changed target to head_controller. Another question though where does the z_switch_Face bone go? or rather where should it be positioned?
  7. I finally got started every thing installed ok started assinging cp's opened an action to check my work and the interface was backwards! Its actually behind the character facing back...where could I have gone wrong?...Any ideas ? I don't want to start over till I figure out what I did wrong. I'm guessing with the resetting of the compensates....
  8. Finally getting ready to start on this which "method" would be the best in your opinion?
  9. Great job Matt! But did you really mean to say "All rights reversed" in the credits?
  10. Is "head_geom " ok? If not can I change the name to "head" in an already rigged model? or do I add a bone named head and constrain it to head_geom?
  11. Can I make it compatible?
  12. looks good but...22MB's.....and don't forget to have to ball exit!
  13. Almost done with one and an idea for another
  14. I like it! you might move the camera a bit to bring her into frame....
  15. Can we just start new thread for us "contributors"?...
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