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    -scuba diving<br />-classical guitar<br />-visual effects<br />-special effects
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    I am running a dell 8300xps 3.4 gigahertz intel i-7 core 64 bit ready multi core ( 4) hyper-thread (8), 32 gigs of rammage a amd radeon hd6700 series display adapter and twin dell uhd 2420 24 inch monitors
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    To master this software!!! now that im disabled and dont go to work i want to focus on this software and have some fun with it, i know i will succeed because i was in here before and the people here in A:M dont appear to be full of them selves and its almost like they seek out members to help with there projects and dilemmas.
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    Well i was hoping to attend pixel blue college in april but i was given some bad news on thursday dec 06. If i dont go in for surgery within the next 2 weeks then i will be dead in two months, so now i have to go to the hospital.Last rtime i was in for 6 months but im hoping to be out a lot sooner.
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    I am hoping to find employment that i can work from my home,I have a severe case of crones and other things that would make it impossible for me to go to and from an office.
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    Edmonton Alberta Canada
  1. I'm not Jason (obviously) but if you have the subscriptions all you have to do to move into v18 is install and activate it. Use the same activation code that you used with v17. That's one of the benefits of subscriptions! I have no idea what you are referring to with regard to free life time upgrades. If Hash Inc let you purchase such a thing you'll want to contact them (Jason) directly. Hi Rodney, thanks for your response. What I bought was the box set, and with that I mean the am program on disk and it came with the extras disk and the two disk along with the manual. I
  2. Hi Jason wasn't sure where to ask this question. I see that v18 is out and I own v17 now I could be wrong but I thought that if you bought the program that it came with free life time upgrades. Is this correct I don't want to appear greedy or anything or looking for a free lunch just curious.
  3. Thanks, during my search I did find that he closed his site but it looks lik the other 3 are working, thanks a lot Mike38 Thanks very much Themike38
  4. Howdy animators, I'm wondering if any one knows where I can buy the 3 training DVDs made by Jeff lew??? I had them but I seem to have missed placed them. Any help at all would be great Thank you mike
  5. i see this is an older post but hey ill try anyway cant pass on an opportunity to get me in some learnins. You still doing this class ??
  6. Really i just recieved my full version of A:M and i have 2 activation codes. one is a sticker on the front cover of the disk jacket and the other is stamped right on the A:M disk itself. funny thing though is that they are both different codes
  7. ah i see Bloody google like they arent rich enough
  8. hi there Bigboote just thought i would let you know that the link you supplied is a 404 error
  9. hi mouseman i was in edmonton back in the eighties then moved to vancouver but now im back i live on the north end 12707 120st. why whats up man
  10. i do remember this, wasnt it was the opening for the website i believe. i would think in archives i remember showing it to a few buddies of mine on the road and they were very interested in it.
  11. Hi all im back again, this time to stay.lolllll i was longhauling all over north america (truck driver) and now have a home and a place to relax.i have aquired an illness which forces me to be home and so i bought the full cd version of am. ok my question is, is that it just arrived today but am reluctant to install it. the reason is because at home i have a state of the art computer that i bought specificly for animation master and adobe after effects and such. now i have to go back into the hospital for several months and i want to install am on my laptop while im in the hospital, but when i
  12. Hi A:M folks, I just received my brand new copy of animation master the full never ending upgrade version and the extras cd along with a copy of the tin man. I started out here back in 2005 I believe, then I went long hauling.i am home now or at least off the hwy due to an illness i acquired. I am now 49 but living in Edmonton Alberta Canada, and i really want to get into the 2d and 3d animations. Since i am now on what they call disability i have chosen to get reeducated in the animation field. I am hoping to start college at a school here in Edmonton called Pixel Blue, they seem to have a we
  13. hi all ok i am running a windows platform with the v16a version and i bought the extra cd.there is no direct link to the library but i do want to put these in my library. i did copy and paste the cd into the v16 folder but still doesnt show up in the libray can anyone help on this subject. thanks mike
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