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  1. I thought it was a really well done piece of work. Good modeling, lighting, animation/walk action and use of blobbies. Thanks for sharing. John
  2. It appears that in the first picture we are looking at a man who is viewing image 2 in a translucent display, so we are actually looking at it from the back. If that is the case, wouldn't the image be mirrored (left to right), or am I just looking at it wrong. Thanks, John
  3. I was thinking about models and modeling and had a question for the group. Has anyone taken an old model and reworked the Cps to produce a new model. Not added or removed CPs, but just relocated the existing CPs to create a new character. What I'm thinking is that it takes probably as much time to decal, bone, rig, smart skin, etc as it does to build the underlying mesh, so would it be reasonable to take an existing mesh, with all the decals, bones, rigs, etc already set up and reposition CPs to give the model a new appearance. There is always the potential that the smart skin may not act correctly since the CP positions have changed, but most of the rest should (bones, rig, etc) ought to work about the same. So my question is, has anyone tried this and if so were there other issues/considerations that I have overlooked. Thanks, John
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