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  1. Oh, I would definitely do that, there would be a WIP thread. My only concern is that lots of times when I visit a site like cgtalk, etc., I go to the showcase or finished works forum looking for new things to see. I won't necessarily go through multi-page WIPs to see if any of them are finished. It just seems to me that doing it this way, only folks that have been following the WIP will ever see your finished project. If there is a forum for finished works, you can go there and quickly scan the thread titles to find things you want to see. If I upload an image to A:M Stills and post to
  2. Is there no forum for finished works anymore? Does everything just go to A:M Stills and A:M Films now? If so, where would be the best place to post that something is finished so that folks will check it out? Here? Or are people just posting finished works in the WIP forum now? Richard
  3. Aircraft texturing tutorials. These refer to another software package but give a lot of info on texturing aircraft.
  4. Check out Dogfights on the History Channel. Lots of CG aircraft video, both propellor and jet depending on what they are covering in the episode. I've recently seen WWII and Vietnam era. They have some videos online. Richard
  5. Where's the "make dragon" button?!?! I can't seem to find it! :P :P
  6. It's pretty much my favorite mech. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... built for its skills in magic.
  7. I've ben away from the boards for a couple of months and am seeing this for the first time. All I can say is Impressive... Most Impressive! Richard
  8. Here's some for reference, looks like the wing emblem is perpendicular to the fuselage.
  9. Enter me! I am an alum, I have the certificate to prove it! 2 entries please, 2, 2, 2. Richard
  10. I use Adobe Premiere that I got from ebay. You can usually get a copy that is one or two versions back for a good price. I also have an older version of After Effects that is great for overlaying video, logos, effects. etc.
  11. Greg, Is the demo available yet? If so, where is it located? Thanks, Richard
  12. Thanks. The dog was a simple test of the rig, never done a quadraped before. On the animation front, I just got Jeff Lew's DVD. Hopefully my animation will get better. For anyone that hasn't gotten it yet, Lew's DVD is on sale now at Jeff Lew's website. And, if it's still available, you can get an extra 10% off by checking here. With the 10% off, I got it with shipping for less than the $39.95 sale price. Richard
  13. racreel


    Great work, love the look. Really looking forward to seeing your completed short. Thanks, Richard
  14. Here is the Pipecleaner family's "home". The movie is no where near complete, so it won't make it for the current mini-movie contest. Maybe the next one. Richard
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