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  1. Wow. I had just written a reply and then checked my emails and there was already an answer with a number to use. And now it's working again. For any new people wondering about the service, these guys have never disappointed me. So here's a big THANKS! to all the staff at Hash, since the reply wasn't personally signed.
  2. I've already sent emails to sales and support departments regarding this and asking for assistance, so I hope I did the right thing. I had to reinstall Windows through a partial system recovery that enabled me to keep my original installation directories, plus all the models and related files I've since created with the software. Unfortunately, although I have my original installation CD (version 13 with the Yeti), and I have the only book that shipped with the product at that time (TAoAM), I haven't been able to locate the serial number anywhere, which presumably was on a small card or piece of paper I've since lost after 4 years. I'm hoping that I at least remembered to register the product back then, and that they'll be able to help me out, since I can't afford a new version at this time and I want to access my old files. Was I right to contact the departments mentioned above and hoping they have the serial number? Or am I just S.O.L. ? (Yes, I know I'm SOL because I didn't buy Mac, thank you. )
  3. Very nice. I'm considering using Nick Porcino's Enterprise textures on this, and then attempt to do something with the warp engine effects and running lights.
  4. Sorry, got sidetracked with trying to come up with an idea for the PTB gag, plus getting a cat from humane society this past week, I need to get back on my robot. And right now I can't find the Pass the Ball forum.
  5. Ok, I'll try that. I have one version of him in a TSM2 rig, but maybe I didn't follow the steps closely enough. I'll try from scratch again. Thanks.
  6. This is Gus Gizmo, known in his universe as a Gizmo Mk I series robot (and origin of my username). I originally built him around October 2000, after having AM about 2 months, and had no idea what I was doing when I built him. He's had a few minor upgrades to his mesh since then, but I was never satisfied with the original skeleton I built for him. It was just simple bones linked together and very difficult to control since the bones were just standard daisy chain format and had no interaction in terms of maintaining balance, etc. I'd like to set him up with one of the later rigs for ease of control. I made an attempt at fitting him with the TSM2 rig, but that was a disaster as I had bones I couldn't figure out what to do with or get rid of since they didn't seem to fit the body's natural "joints". I'm wanting a rig that's not too difficult to install, but gives me the ability to have him move as a more dynamic character, like I've seen with TSM2 and Squetch characters. I'd like to use him for my Pass The Ball entry, if anyone can recommend a rig that might work for him... preferably with a tutorial available. Thanks for any suggestions. Heller.
  7. Howdy and welcome, Ben28! Not sure about a fish tutorial, but some of the more knowledgeable ones around here might be able to help you on that. Regarding documentation, be sure to read this thread: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=27379 You'll find some introductions from the real masters here, and the second post gives you links to downloadable versions (in .pdf form) of "The Art of Animation: Master" manual (filled with tutorials), as well as the more technical reference manual. There are also samples and videos of the exercises available. You'll also learn a lot just reading these forums. That's a great looking fish!
  8. You're a sick man, Vern. The world needs more like you.
  9. Ok, I might be able to try it out then. I had pushed some control points around when giving some of the characters different features and changing the costumes, and although in at least one case I made a new wig, none of the control points or assignments around the mouth were changed. Thanks.
  10. I had copy/pasted some simple poses I'd created for these models, such as eyebrow movement, but I hadn't tried to do it for something as sophisticated as a phoneme set, so I wasn't sure it could be done. Thanks for the help.
  11. I have some old models that were built by John Markus years ago (unfortunately it seems his website has disappeared). They have some rudimentary mouth poses, but are not built with the Preston Blair phoneme set. I customized several new characters using one of his models as a starting point, so they all have the same mesh, skeletal rigging, and pose sets. Since attempting phonemes and dopesheets recently, I'm now wondering... if I build a set of Blair phonemes for one model, can I copy/paste those poses into the other models, and will they then work? Or is it going to be less simple than that? Here's a sample of what I originally did with them, back in 2004. Quality is poor as I limited the data rate trying to get a manageable size... it started as 45 meg. You'll also recognize Nick Porcino's Enterprise and bridge models in there, as well as Carmine Rizzolo's Star Spheres. kirkvsborg.mov
  12. I have AM2006 open now and just recently worked with dopesheets for the first time myself so let me take a shot at this. The options you say you're seeing makes it sound like you're right clicking the model and selecting new. Instead, you should right click Actions, since the dopesheet will appear as an option once you have the Action established. First step should be to right click Actions, and when selecting New, choose Action. It will prompt you for which model you want to assign the action to. It will name this new action as Action1, but you can change that to something more specific if you want. If you only have one model in the project, such as the default Ground model of a choreography, it will automatically assign the new action to that Now you should have Action1 showing in the workspace window. Right click Action1, select New, then near the bottom of the list, you should see Dopesheet as an option. When you select that, it will ask for the sentence to say. Hope that gets you where you want to be.
  13. Try reading what they're asking for... If you could post screenshots of what you're seeing in the program, or upload the project you're working on, that might help them too. Right now they're trying to make suggestions but you haven't given them any information on what the model is or what it's supposed to be doing, so all they can do is try to guess what your problem is.
  14. GizmoMkI


    I'm going to try and get the update later in the year, but I'm wondering if the Dex and Lambrina models are included this time? Apparently the copy of v13 I got last year didn't have them on the program or extras CDs, and I've heard they're very good. Unfortunately I haven't found any images of them, and Den's site appears to be down.
  15. A pre-hair rabbit! Great one, Nancy. And happy birthday. Sorry for butting in, but I couldn't resist the pun.
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