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  1. Pat, Thanks for your comment. The textures actually do blend, but I kept the blended area relatively small (it's been a while since I've eaten lobster, but I seem to recall that the edges of the exoskeleton were fairly abrupt at the joints).
  2. Yes. Well, MIDI-triggered drumstick samples, at any rate. Eventually I'm going to have to find something that sounds more like chitin and record it (as well as squidging my hand around in something like tapioca pudding for a sound effect to accompany the walk cycle).
  3. Here's a model I've been working on for the past week, nearly finished. It's a member of the "Great Race", from The Shadow Out of Time by HP Lovecraft (my wife has ceremoniously named it "Lemon Head"). Click here for a short animation test (1.45 MB MPEG-1 with sound). The walk cycle (slither cycle?) needs a little work, and the head neads a little more detail, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. During the process of rigging this model, I have arrived at the conclusion that tentacles are a pain in the ass, but dynamic constraints kick ass.
  4. If you'd like higher res than the 1024x768 pics the thumbnails are linked to, let me know; I can put up the 2048x1536 images.
  5. Yeah, once I've got all the props finished I'll be doing higher-quality renders (soft shadows, maybe some radiosity, possibly even some focal blur), but I had to crank them out overnight so I could print them up this morning, which meant just basic single-ray lights (given 45-120 minutes per frame at 2048x1536 resolution, depending on how much glass was in view).
  6. Thanks, Dragonranja and DarkLimit... The lights were all spots, except for one fill light underneath (oops, which I just noticed I forgot to change the tint to match the new carpet color; oh well) and a sun which was supposed to come in through the windows, but once I actually stuck in the glass it did so much less noticeably. No global illumination or ambiance.
  7. My office is going to be relocating soon, and my boss asked if I could help draft some preliminary plans to give to the architects. I used A:M to lay it out, rendering out a slice of the walls in wireframe mode for the paper plans, then modeled like a monkey on crack over the weekend to put in some "set dressing": Click the thumbnails for larger versions. Sadly, I ran out of time and only got about a third of the way through making the props for the office area, so I won't be posting those until I've finished them. (At which point I'll render with soft shadows, as well...) Still, I was happy enough with them, and they did highlight some problems with the specifications (some of the existing lights in the space will have to be moved to avoid the new wall placement, for example).
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