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  1. Thanks for looking!

    sadly only the chars were modeled in AM. the rest is all maya.

    Will be coming back to am soon however. Missed it!

  2. Nice work on your website.

  3. I'd be more inclined to rely on weighting the knee to get a similar effect that you have there.
  4. I need to model and rig a fish soon; I would be very interested in the outcome. Get well soon mate!
  5. I believe you fall well into the category of 'A:M User'. Why, thank you kindly Guv'ner!
  6. Third prize? That sounds like my kinda thing! Am I allowed to enter Rodney?
  7. is this paid or are you doing it for personal reasons?!
  8. If i was doing this, I'd have flattened the prop cone in an action and decaled it with a spiral pattern flat on. Not saying your method wouldn't work but It just seems the easier way ! Nixie
  9. Go on Rodders, Put me down too! Starving student needs to buy his family and girlfriend chrimbo pressies! (any ideas for those welcome too!) Tar and Merry Christmas! Nixie
  10. Ok. Cheers Morgan; Il do that! ...just to check, I made my proxy by removing alot of splines from a copy of my original, is that a good idea? Il report back soon, Im moving back to University,Yay! non stop part... *cough* ...Studying! (yes I replaced [AT] with @! - I wondered for a second if that was why!)
  11. Hi Morgan, I tried to mail you but it came back to me; I shall try again!
  12. Hi Anzovins, Is there a way to get weightmover to asign hooks to bones? I have a lo res proxy of my model and its all fully asigned to bones but the information doesn't transferr to the high res models hooks. How is this remedied?! Cheers
  13. Be strong Steve, I wish you everything you need to beat this. Best wishes Chris Nix
  14. Hmm, have you tried changing the display driver to direct x instead of opengl? or visa versa? its in options. Nixie
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