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  1. Thanks for looking!

    sadly only the chars were modeled in AM. the rest is all maya.

    Will be coming back to am soon however. Missed it!

  2. Nice work on your website.

  3. I would also add an extra bounce or two at the end, it rolls to early.
  4. 10 Minutes working alone will take a long time, and will be difficult to keep all of it to a high standard! Good luck, I would like to see more! Nixie
  5. A good tip is to save in increments. so Prison_001, Prison_002....etc Then if the latest one brakes, you just have to go back a few hours work.
  6. I would have modelled the hole but used a normal/displacement map for the corrugated steel! all roads lead the same way though!
  7. I'd be more inclined to rely on weighting the knee to get a similar effect that you have there.
  8. Of all the animated shorts I have seen, at various festivals etc, the ones that hold my interest the best are those which do not exceed 2-3 minutes. So I think you are doing well to keep it shorter. Good luck, it looks very original.
  9. I need to model and rig a fish soon; I would be very interested in the outcome. Get well soon mate!
  10. I believe you fall well into the category of 'A:M User'. Why, thank you kindly Guv'ner!
  11. It will render black unless you set threads to 1 and/or final render (to file). Preview renders don't work.
  12. Third prize? That sounds like my kinda thing! Am I allowed to enter Rodney?
  13. Shes Dutch, But hey; It's all Greek to me anyway! Nice Pun there Rus too
  14. Thanks guys, She is pretty close to the real life version in terms of proportions; But I have pushed it a little, and Ken you are right about the legs being a bit stumpy, I made it like that due to the way i wanted the fairy to fly. Kinda swingy - with all her mass from the weist down! Mike, yeh, Iv not had allot of experioence with this SSS thing but its very fun to play with!
  15. I look forward to seeing this completed, will you be using Syntheyes again? I think I remember Matt Bradbury mention that the new SSS works great for creating explosions if that's any help?
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