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  1. The technical references are not, for me, didactic enough. I already understand English very poorly and I remember the manipulations in a very visual way. This is why I particularly like videos ! I do not think I am the only one in this case. This is why I propose to make these videos. Making the videos is a great way for me to learn how it works. Everyone benefits from it. As much me as the others ! That said, I want to base my approach on existing documents! The opposite would be a shame ! I prefer to just discuss it in community before so that the examples and illustrat
  2. The first step of this project is to bring together the different situations and configurations that come up regularly in working with bones. From the simplest and obvious to the most astonishing, including "special cases". The first goal is already to reference before classifying, then to illustrate with concrete cases.
  3. Hello, For the month of July, I plan to create a tutorial that groups the main uses of bones and their constraints on AM. No modeling, no mapping ! This will help me to better understand this area and to benefit the users and future AM users because I think that the lack of clear documentation in this area does not help the distribution of the software. This is why I want to clearly illustrate basic and very simple situations involving one to three bones maximum without too much "mixing" of constraints. Secondly, it will be interesting to imagine the possible applicatio
  4. ok It is very interesting to know that the effect of stresses does not instantly apply to bones! Indeed I believed at times that I did not adopt the good procedure just because I did not contatai the constraint !!! ;-)
  5. So, we can say that the poses are more interesting because as we activate / deactivate them at will, we can change all the parameters during animations (constraints, IK, ...). What would not be possible with actions if I understood correctly?
  6. Hello, In the video, you often create an action to test constraints. Is it compulsory(?) or we can do it in choreography mode ? I'm looking for the exact differences between action and pose.
  7. hello, this is the image generated with AM or your creative template ?? Modeling this with patches seems very complex to me. Especially to maintain a regular curvature of the surface of the back! A bump map or a normal map should do just fine. Would a displacement card work? Perhaps that would perhaps lengthen the computation times !? salutations
  8. Hello, Thank you very much for this video . It is extremely well done and reviews the creation procedures in a very educational and logical way! It is this kind of video that would help to spread AM more widely! CP weights and fan bones seem to have pretty much the same effect in this video !? Are these two ways to achieve the same result? or one of the methods replaced the other? The way mirror bones work is excellent, and ultimately relatively straightforward. What I did not understand at the beginning! It makes me want to go further. I really want to incorporate AM in
  9. Very clear answer, thank you very much. No I will not disappear, but my work takes me a lot of time because I also explore a lot of other software. I watch the video and come back
  10. Hello, I continue my exploration of AM which I find brilliant in the design. On the other hand, the tutorials are not progressive enough. to explain the details ;-). When you are looking for something, you very quickly come across sometimes complex tutorials ... which is great when you have already acquired the basics of use! For example, I'm looking for a tutorial that could help me build a character with a basic IK skeleton. In the exercises, I only find examples with compensation bones and other somewhat complex details that I don't want to tackle until I have fully unders
  11. 3 - Do we have to validate "radiosity" in the choreography to get reflections? this makes the calculation time much longer!!!?!?
  12. Hello, When I move an object : 1 - can I move from an object marker to a world marker? 2 - Can we constrain the movement of an object on a specific axis ( x,y,z ) ? thanks
  13. Hello, I could finally watch the video "way to texture mapping in AM" because my internet connection is very bad in the countryside! It says it all for me! Now I just have to practice with AM. See you soon
  14. It will really be at the end of the week. Not before
  15. Ohoh, interesting. If it works this way with 3D Coat, it must work great with Blender! I'll try ... when I have some time ... later ...
  16. Thank you again for all this information !! I will "digest" them during this week ... of work (no more holidays !!). I would really like to integrate AM into my freelance workflow (when I'm not a teacher or trainer I really enjoy working on the characters and mascots. AM's workflow seems to match a lot. I'm going to try to "finish" an (old: started in 2005) character for the "finish the unfinished" contest. The indications you have given me should allow me to do so. I return to the forum as soon as possible! Thank you to all
  17. Hello, Thank you for all these explanations ! What is the procedure for exchanging 3d files between AM and 3DCoat? 3D Coat supports the mdl natively ?? Is this work also possible with "Armor Paint"? Greetings
  18. Exactly what I'm looking for as explanations! Thank you very much! Greetings
  19. Thank you Fuchur, very good recommendation !!
  20. Is 3D painter still "in the race" of 3D painting? Because it seems to have not evolved for a long time !? Should it allow a complex object to be painted more comfortably? Do you have any user experience with this software? Thank you !
  21. If I understand correctly, we cannot have a single unfolding to create a UV for an object. There is no definition of seams as in 3D polygonal? So an object cannot be "opened". If we want to make a UV projection on the entire object, we must define at least two poses and export them? With AM, no algorithm will automatically flatten surfaces for us, being careful that there are no overlaps! Finally, what is good is that the mapping system is based on only one principle: decals, UVMapping, or not! Can you confirm me? thank you
  22. Hello, Thank you very, very much for your help !! I test all this Good day
  23. Yes Yes. I use google translate regularly, but certain nuances of technical language sometimes give rise to risky translations ... and as I am very visual (with diagrams and situations), a lot of technical writing is not always obvious ... But I use it quad even a lot thanks
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