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    Construction of new basic modeling. Acquisition of constraints and creation of bone rigging.
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  1. Thanks Rodney. By looking at Tips and prj files of Rodney and robcat 2075, I found out the mechanism of dynamics constraints. It is thanks to you.
  2. I tested the dynamics constraints. The physical simulation of "A: M" was easy to use and evolved.
  3. The body's bone setting was 70%. I paint the line drawing with color using AI "PaintsChainer" of Japan painting color automatically. http://paintschainer.preferred.tech/index.html And using "Filter Forge" to do manga processing.
  4. Thank you Shelton. This topic will teach my research results and setting method. It is currently under trial and error, so I will tell you when technology is established. There was a mistake in the rendering setting. It was necessary to turn on toon setting and to turn off all the settings in it. I noticed that the result was different from preview rendering. "A: M" outputs very beautiful lines.
  5. I modeled a woman 's face. Eyebrows, eyes and mouth are not integrated with the head. The image is not processed. It keeps outputting as "A: M". The shadow of the hair has some errors. It is likely to be high quality with a little adjustment.
  6. kazagruma

    Path Deform 2

    Thanks Rodney. I registered a bug report.
  7. It is important to place the spline along the human muscle. It becomes an ideal shape by muscle consciousness.
  8. The spline of this model is very small. The smaller one is closer to hand-drawn animation. It is ideal to reduce complicated shapes as much as possible. Because it is necessary to move the CP directly depending on the scene.
  9. I had a leaflet of "Playmation" at a company enrolled at that time. "A: M" was a user from version 4. really nostalgic.
  10. It is a female element body "Izanami" (Japanese Eve) for games that I am modeling with 'A: M' recently. Line size is 0.8, 25% of the surface color setting. Shading is done with gradient + specular adjustment. I have not set the bones etc in the initial stage yet. It is characterized by the minimum spline production. I think that this can be done only for 'A: M' which can edit CP inclination.
  11. Recently, I am researching ways to process 2-dimensional animation, line drawing animation, illustration of manga and game, commercialize material outputted from Animation Master. Little by little, I think I will announce the results. I want users who can approve actively participate. Let's make "A: M" exciting. At least I want to make this tool known to the world. It is a wonderful animation tool. Thank you.
  12. kazagruma

    Path Deform 2

    http://kazagruma.com/tmp/am/text_test2.prj I made a simple PRJ file. In the constraint path in the Action distortion, the target becomes "None" when saving. The operation during editing is also unnatural. If you do not use constraints, the distortion box bone moves well.
  13. kazagruma

    Path Deform 2

    Thank you Fuchur for your reply. I've assembled an action that uses pass move and distortion box together. For the study of insect movement. However, if you move your bone in the distortion box and move it, the target of the constraint becomes invalid at the timing of save or some internal processing. This was working until saving. The version I use is 18.0P AVX. I think of another way. However, it is desirable to be modified. Perhaps it will be nice for those who move the title logo. Thank you.
  14. kazagruma

    Path Deform 2

    Hello. I also tried deformation of distortion box using pass. When saved, the target is reset. Is this bug fixed? Please fix this bug. For example, it is effective for the appearance of a spirit of a lamp of Aladdin. Thank you.
  15. Thank you everyone.This forum is warm like home. I found a sample file of Robert. I could easily understand the structure of surface constraints. Thank you. It was very helpful. Knowledge seems to be buried in the forum. I will head for excavation. I will join this forum as well. I will report my achievement. Thank you in the future.
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