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Found 14 results

  1. From the album: Showcase

    One of the characters featured in the White Devil anime project. [url=http://acelk.1up.com/]Url Text[/url]
  2. Guest

    3D kitty

    From the album: Showcase

    sourcefiles can be yound at [url=http://cuteyiff.com/]Cute yiff[/url]before clicking that link, you must be a legal adult on your country
  3. Guest

    bai yu

    From the album: Showcase

    she's chinese, albino, naked and beautiful... [b]all at the same time[/b].
  4. Guest

    Blind Killer Fish

    From the album: Showcase

    I created this fish a few years ago in V8 and thought I would do a toon render version....The idea was to create a Blind Killer Fish......Done in Animation Master V11 [ ToonRender ]
  5. Guest

    Toon Tv

    From the album: Showcase

    I created this character for a simple animation am doing to work on my skills.....Done with Animation Master V11 [toonrender]
  6. Guest

    Toon Render

    From the album: Showcase

    Testing out the toon renderer
  7. Guest


    From the album: Showcase

    i've created this model while learning how to build the human form in a:m.
  8. Guest

    Strenght In Unquieness

    From the album: Showcase

    based on a sketch I created.....concept characters for a comic am working on..Done in A:M V11..
  9. Guest


    From the album: Showcase

  10. Guest

    Menta Rats

    From the album: Showcase

    I wanted to create a cross between a Menta Ray and a Rat and this is what I came up with...I had a little fun with the design....Done in HASH Animation Master V11......[ToonRender]
  11. Guest

    Meditiation (Toon)

    From the album: Showcase

    Drakos prepares for a showdown.
  12. Guest


    From the album: Showcase

    A character I recently completed, this is a desktop background I put together for myself. Figured I'd upload it and share. [email]kricket@demented3d.com/email]
  13. Recently, I am researching ways to process 2-dimensional animation, line drawing animation, illustration of manga and game, commercialize material outputted from Animation Master. Little by little, I think I will announce the results. I want users who can approve actively participate. Let's make "A: M" exciting. At least I want to make this tool known to the world. It is a wonderful animation tool. Thank you.
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