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  1. Is the 11-second club a premature ejaculation support network? What crap audio did they give you to animate around? That's BS! I think the girl needs to run out with a bottle of B&W, to make it sell. Sounds like you're joining a contest that's not worth participating in. Just judging by the fact that they're very particular about certain things, and you're not happy with it. But it looks (awesome) like a scene from a Miami Vice themed show. But if so, let's do an hour of it... ouch! That's a lot of work. But I think it looks really great... if there is a way to see m
  2. Yes, I think the animation from The Wall must have been my first big influence.
  3. I was going to try to animate something like this video, but I don't know if it is worth pursuing.
  4. Yes, that helps a great deal. I've wondered before about animating to a beat pattern, as in using an existing song, or making a song fit to the animation. I think working on both at the same time works for me. If I get bored or frustrated with the video, switch to the music and vice-versa. Thank you!
  5. Do you have any tips for using sound with the animation. I've used several programs before with audio, but I've never used sound within A:M. I'll dig around for a tutorial in the meantime. Edit to add that that sounded a bit like I was purposefully acting stupid... once I realized how simple it is. Windows Sound Recorder only lets me record 60 seconds from my ZOOM MRS-8. I wrote this beat with a ZOOM MRT-3B and Arturia's software, it's not that good, and took only one evening to record. I read on another post about a big deal with copyrights and stuff, but c'mon, I certainly am no
  6. Bones bot girl has found her a man. Bones_Bot.mdl
  7. Very impressive! I like the replication of the famous painting as well as the realistic images of what the 19th century may have looked like when it was new.
  8. The warehouse looks better, sounds like a lot of work going through all of your models to fix them up.
  9. Vera's got a gig that "sucks" and I know it sucks, but she thinks she's gonna be famous or something, and I keep telling her she'll be lucky to find a gig at the local candy shop. Then I tell her to live life as if she's already famous, but that doesn't work well either. Vera__sStage.mov
  10. Got a rain day today, so I went back to work on the image. Does this fix some or most of the suggestions?
  11. Thank you for the suggestions. I'll keep at it and try to improve on my portfolio. I think I'm over the initial excitement which sometimes makes me nuts and some dumb posts come out. Thankfully there is the edit button.
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