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  1. Advertising of a bottle with water AVI - 2.8 MB codec DIVX5.05 (www.divx.com) AM10.5 (render to AM 11b7) http://www.bee-s.com/~gggg/avi/20l.avi 30 minutes modeling 2 minutes texturing 6 hours rigging 5х20 minites animation of the actions 8 hours of create chor 4 hours for rendering (4x4 multipass) 460 frames with fields 720x576 1 hour compositing 2 seconds of imposing 1 click of the item of information _______________________________ AM Forever!
  2. Wireframe (screencap) ....... Thanks Doc! 24 march!!!!!!!!!! always remember
  3. wireframe image (capture screen)
  4. Thanks Ed, Povilas This work making for advertising movie about Lemonade I have spent 4 hours for modeling and 40min-8hours setup render and render. There only switch on Glossy parametr in "Specular Render Shader" in surface properities parametr (Plugin Shader - on (without any setup)) While one light.... and raytrase (caustic) -Is switched - off
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