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  1. Not had a lot of time to work on this guy, but here's the latest render anyway. Still have the hands and feet to do before I go through the model tweeking everything.
  2. It's been a looong time since I created anything remotely good in AM, even longer since I posted anything. So I decided to get back into it and create a new character. I've never been good at creating realistic people, so I am creating a cartoony style wizard. Here's the first WIP shot of the head:
  3. Thanks for that, I have just shaved 0.6 seconds from the beginning and it looks a lot better now. The pills don't do anything really, I was looking for a name for a new business venture and I spotted my medication and thought it would be cool. Plus this is the first animation I have in in ages, so I wanted something that would be simple, yet effective. There are sound effects, can no body else hear them?
  4. Hi all, I am in the process of starting a new project, which will involve some rebranding. I was just after your opinion of the new animated logo: Triple Pill Interactive
  5. I love this model. I've just started work on a version based on the original Constitution Class Enterprise, but, unfortunately, my time is limited, so it may be a while before I get enough done for posting WIP images.
  6. Nice work, I like it.
  7. A quick screen shot of the game in development.
  8. Final post in this thread for the day. Just a quick animation to show the Pengwin Flyer coming in to land. Nothing fancy. landing.mp4
  9. Ah right, I see now. I've not used AO yet, but as I am also using 13t, maybe I should wait till I also upgrade.
  10. In the game, the missiles won't really be used, they're just for show. But I will probably use them in the comic strips. Oh, and they're used to kill aliens...what else?
  11. Those new maps certainly did the trick. Just one thing... have you applied displacement maps to the windows on the right of the picture? They seem to look a little flat.
  12. Started adding materials now. I've uploaded two images, because as I said before, I also plan to make an accompanying comic strip. C&C more than welcome.
  13. Starting to add textures to the plane now, and I still need to add the main guns. The skis fold up under the body when the plane is in flight.
  14. Thanks Spleen. I have a day to myself today, so I have Lizzy Borden blasting from iTunes, coffee on the plate and AM in front of me ALL day.... mmm... heaven. I'll post a few pics today, as I make progress.
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