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  1. Coming back with the smurf... Can you indicate me a nice tutorial explaining "fan" bones, "cogs" and so on? thank you Remy
  2. Sorry. Here is the still image
  3. Here is my first trial with the rigged smurf. I think a lot of things are uncorrect. By sample I don't see the controls for the feet and the arms / hands. I really need help now to go further. Remy Smurf_model_export.mdl
  4. hello Going on with the smurf, I 've been beginnig to affect the control points and I get the following problems I started a new action 1 - In the "bones" window, the arms are correctly placedn but there are not in the action window 2 - Moving the "right foot control placer" has no effect on the foot In regard of Robby's foot, I do'nt get the "right foot control". I'm surely missing something. What have I to do? Thanks for help Remy Smurf_Rig.mdl
  5. Hello I'm leaving the newbies forum to get help here for rigging the smurf. I've been following exactly the steps of the required installation. I placed and scaled the bones. Before going further wirh assignation of the control points, can somebody say me if my work is correct till now? Thanks for your help Remy Smurf_Rig.mdl
  6. Hello I'm back with my smurf. Following the last answer of Itjustme, I tried some skeletons. I think now, after many and many difficulties with the 2008 rig, that the literig is suffisant for a beginner. So I downloaded the literig. But I discoverd it was not the same as the robbylite rig. This one seems more complete than the literig. I decided to do the following steps. First, import Robby, then delet the mesh and after save the rig under a new name. I applied this model on the smurf and begun to place and scale the bones. I send you today the result. I did'nt yet affect the control points to the bones. The hands are not finished. Can you say me if I'm on the right way? Thanks for your help. Remy Smurf_Rig.mdl
  7. Thank you. Where can I find those nice skeletons to download? Bests regards Remy
  8. I used the video manual, exercise 13 Show some backbone with Thom.
  9. Hello Back with my kind smurf. I started rigging with the 2001 skeleton. I did'nt work for instant on the hands, only on the rest of the body. When starting an action, I obtain a strange position with the right arm. I the pose sliders menu, I swithed ON at the Rig tab to IK arms setup like in the "show some backbones" tutorial. The right hand does'nt move to the cross. Another thing: the elbows does'nt bend when moving the cross. And perhaps more critics about the right position of the bones? Help please.... Remy Smurf.mdl
  10. Hello I'm coming back, I was out. Here is a new half smurf. I do'nt understand the problems with the hands and the palm. My smurf hands are the Rabbit's hands!!! Do you mean the Rabbit is not a good model??? This is strange. I'm joking of course. Can you say me if I'm now ready to start rigging. Remy Demi_Smurf.mdl
  11. Thanks Itjustmen this helps. Here is the last update of my smurf. Hope modeling is complete and I would start rigging! Remy Smurf.mdl
  12. Hello 1 - Does'it exist a method to move a group using only one selected point and set it at a xyz coordinaite? 2 - Is ist possible to align some selected points only on one coordinate, by sample select points and move them to x=0? Remy
  13. Sorry for the previous anwser. I did'nt use bb code! What have I to do here: the smurf has already some groups. Have I to delete them and create a new one? I don't see this plugin in the list? where can I download it and what have I to do to install?
  14. hello I have a new question about mirror mode. I think when moving a point in mirror mode, the symetrical point moves to. But when deleting a point, or by sample ctreating a 5 point patch, mirroring does'nt work. What is the best method to get an easy symetry? Is it possible to copy the xyz position of a point and paste it in one shot? Remy
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