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    imaging, design, movies, drawing & sculpting, anathomy, astronomy, music, dreaming and of course beautyful women
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    P 4, 2GHz, 2Gb ram, N-Vidia Quadro FX 3400 256Mb, SONY 24 inches monitor, Wacom tablet 12x18 inches, 3D connexion Space Mouse, Win XP pro SP2

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  1. Hi Luuk and everybody, first of all WOW, i'm really impressed by your application and count me in the number that will buy the software. i saw Face Robot from Softimage that uses a similar system of markers and i have to say that, being a pro software, it didn't impressed me so much. it would be fine to have a real time recording and applying deformation to the model inside A:M, anyway your software works very well. it will be perfect with eyelids and eye tracking about the price i think it's affordable, considering that Face Robot costs something like $50,000. i'll stay
  2. no worries at all, let me know if you need some other view, more detail, higher resolution other pose... ops... no skeletal yet ... Vince
  3. Hi Macb, sorry to see this only now, i cannot do anything but join the chorus and say: awesome! beautiful splining, texturing, and feeling of the characters (specially the child). i'm always looking for the lower possible spline density/more beauty. and i have to say... you rock, man! only a lil crit: may be the mother is a bit too photorealistic for that child, or the child a bit cartoony for that mom. i would go to cartoonize the mom a little (i like cartoons ) bye... Vince
  4. Hi everybody TA-DAH new tits John, i'm planning to dress her with may be some latex outfit Rion Vernon is my favourite cartoon pinup artist too, i checked the Shane site and... wow really beauty stylized girls! i like them! and btw check this forum drawingboard.org there are allot of great artists, check the girls section :hello: Vince
  5. OMG not in that sense with such eye it's difficult that the guy doesn't see her winking! no worries Paul thank you Rod for infos and now... new tits! i think it's better like this, don't you? bye
  6. Hi Matt, mainly... i dont know, i was scribbling while waiting for a rendering, and something popped up when had this image of Dean Yeagle in front of my face. and i thought to invert the roles in this way so i decided to make a model of her and create some gag about Leela i had the same thought. Hi Jon, thanks, i'll try to move her
  7. Hi Rusty, yeah, i'm already thinking to give her a second (or third?) boob, she'll be a real hotty
  8. Hi everybody, it was for me a long time of absence from this forum, you missed me! now i want to show you a female (as usual) sexy (as usual) alien (not usual) character. she will be the main character of a comics story i'm workin' on. she comes from the planet Klaatunia and has a singular body conformation some concept first. and some model images hope you like her and i thing to do many hilarious gags from her cheers... Vince
  9. Hi Davie, nice start and good splining. i had somewhere in my hard drive images of the same gal, hope they'll be useful to you. in my (not so great) experience, once i have rotoscoped my images, i had to modify my model, even heavily, to fit my idea of beauty. this girl seems to be quite nice but, once modeled, you'll see that you want to tweak here and there and go quite far from the rotoscope to have the same beauty of the image. the rule is: follow your fantasy, don't (always) follow the rotoscope pesonally i would add some edge loop on the nose-labial crease, espec
  10. hi jon...

    i like a lot your breathing babes :-D

  11. i love your models!

  12. Hey... br... breast?... are you talking about breast? is there a breast contest? where? when? how? are there wet shirts? present! here i am! good work Brainmuffin, may we see a high-res wire frame? ... Vince
  13. fine Colin! how do you obtain that GI effect? on Win XP you can use an animated gif, already tested! but it slow down your computer. bye... Vincenzo
  14. Hi Jake, really cool animations, congrats bye... Vincenzo
  15. tanassi

    Singing Santa

    Gene, we could met, Francavilla is not so far from Ancona (my town) a couple of hour of car/train. next summer, OK? now, technicals. i used A:M for Nicole , of course, and the whole scene, the piano, the microphone and the curtain. i have tried to use Rhino to model the microphone, and i did it (10 min), but when imported the mic in A:M i had a disaster of spline, when imported as a prop, i cannot have a good geometry, peaks here and there and no way to fix them. so i remodeled it in A:M tryng to do the cuts with booleans but it takes too time to render, and the edges were to
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