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  1. Oh snap, it's the girl from the permanent waves cover! WOOT I just got to say Tai. I love what your doing. Rush is an all time favorite band of mine, I was just never big on there videos though. Some are really good, but others. . . well, they're much better in person then on TV. I really hope you have the time to take this all the way and make a fan vid. And I really hope a copy of that vid winds up in one of their inboxes and that this goes some where for you. Keep it up! PLEASE keep it up!
  2. It's why I love this program. One application does it all; modeling, animation, choreography, compositing, and for a price that i can afford without having to choose between my art and eating. I will for ever be grateful to martin and his staff.
  3. Oh! I gotcha, I over modeled the inside lower muscle head of the quadriceps. okay. I'll tweak them down a bit.
  4. I'm sorry what's wrong with the knees. I don't see it. Not that i'm saying there is nothing wrong, but if there's something you see, please tell me so i can try to fix it. I did some fiddling with the model and made some adaptations to make a model of my WOW rogue.
  5. Took the model in a slightly different direction. I reworked the body proportions and tweeked the mesh a bit. I also put in some of the smart skins and stuff. I cleaned up the Walk a bit too. I use a 12 frame walk with keys 0 6 12 as the legs farthest apart position, 3 and 9 being the weight on one leg positions. I like it, still need to tweak out the muscle channels a bit. But I like how this is going. The next couple of weeks I'll spend more on muscles and dynamics. untitled1.mov
  6. Sneek animation. I'm going to redo it. The more i look at it the more i don't like it. the motion is just unnatural and the stride length is wrong. The big issue is render time. Took me 18 hours to render this clip. and that's because i shut off reflections. with reflections on it would take 3 days to render. anyone have any tips for shortening render times? testrender.mov
  7. any of you ever got the email with Illustrator 1.0? lol, One of my co workers sent it to me a while back, to think, the first illustrator was only 800k? wow well, here's a test render of the structure I'm using as a scene for my space epic.
  8. If your a college student or know a college student, you can get the CS (creative suite) package for $600. I comes in 2 varieties that I know of. Web suite which has Photoshop, Illustrator, In design, go live, flash, shock-wave and dream weaver. Then there's the movie package which has illustrator, photoshop, premiere after effects. . . and others, i have the web suite.
  9. Man, Modeling the environment is taking a lot out of me. Luckily the super market near me sells Bustelo dirt cheep I'm either going to start a new thread for this, or try to change the name as it's so far from the original intent of what I started to do. It was supposed to be a female head with a lypsinc and it's taken a life of its own. The stories been floating around in my head and sketch book for years now, since high school really but most of the serious work start 5 years ago. It was originally supposed to be a simple throw away story, something simple to write and draw and
  10. How did you make the rust material? plated plug in with one of the atributes being a turbulance mat? Also, what's this Illustrator plug in?
  11. probably. But I do want one grate model that can be manipulated by a character. I'll try. . . eventually. . . to remodel it using 4 point patches instead of 5 pointers.
  12. Yah. the sewer grate is one piece. I was playing around with the idea of using cutter bones to nock out the holes in the metal, but i scrapped that idea and just went with one piece of geometry. Lol, I don't mind other people placing their work on my threads, it all serves the goal of furthering the community right? Though, you need a grill. charcoal'd be nice.
  13. WOOT! my hunch is paying off. Basically I modeled the sewer grate so i could do a screen render, and take a snap shot of said render and use it in Photo Shop as a tile to make another more elaborate floor. First test is pretty good, needs some finessing but for a first try, I'm happy. I'm basically making an environment for my female model, walk cycles are fine stand alone actions, but actions like sneaking, running and jumping look weird out of context, so I want to give her a set to act in.
  14. I've never worked on a model that i've hated until now. I never want to make another of these or anything similar to this any time soon. I don't mind tedious work, its the needless redundancy that got me. For some reason, the normals wouldn't stand still, they kept flipping on me in random directions. Every time I reopened the file. . . flip! Rotated the object. . . flip! flip one set of normals, another set flipped. GRRRRR!!!! maybe its just my machine, or the version of AM I'm Running or my use of 5 point patches. . . I don't know. anyway, i've attached the project file incase anyone el
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