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  1. Hi everyone, I've been away for a while because I've been working on this Minecraft project and it has reached what I imagine will be its final form. I have abandoned the idea of making the show fully animated. It's too much work for one person to be able to make (and render) enough content to satisfy the YouTube algorithm (or at least to produce something I would feel comfortable posting regularly enough). So I went back to the drawing board and settled on making a Modded Minecraft Let's Play series with the twist of there being an overarching storyline and lore behind the show. If you're interested then here's a link to the episode playlist If you're only interested in A:M stuff then episode 07 has a section animated fully in A:M and Episode 09 contains a partially animated but mostly made in A:M comic strip style cutscene. Funnily enough, the motion comic is based on an idea I played with way back in 2014. Anyway, that's all.
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