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Wasn't there once a tree generator plugin?

KG Holmqvist

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Hi Rusty,

Always good to see you!


There is the Treez plugin that is lauched from an Action.

Perhaps you are thinking of that Plugin?

It's not easily discoverable... had to remind myself how to use it but my memory came through for me.


The key steps:

Spline/Lathe a base shape - For example, Lathe a 2 control point spline into cylinder with 5 cross sections and then lop off/remove the top half leaving a circle.

Select and name this group "base".

Create a spline, plane, grid or set of splines and grids and place these above the circle/base as a target for the canopy to be created. If designed well you might be able to use these patches for leaves later.  I call this group of splines and patches "target" although when generating using the Treez plugin It may be whatever is selected that becomes the target.

Now the crucial launching step... Create an Action that uses this model, Right Click > Plugins > Treez

This should launch and run to project the base toward the target.


Edit:  Just now see Robert's response and that will likely have more detail.

Note that the target's control points are what determines where the branches will be generated and target. 


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