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My first female head

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This was the hardest model I've ever attempted. For mechanical models it's relatively easy to find front, side and top reference images, not so much for 1940's movie actresses. Every time I looked at a different 3/4 view of Ann Sheridan with dramatic lighting and did a test render, I found another CP that needed a small relocation or a spline layout that needed a rethink. I can see why 3D scanning of an actor's face is so appealing for a digital replacement. I still don't think the likeness is convincing but I'm sending her to Hair & Makeup anyway! (Maybe I'll say I'm modeling Ann Sheridan's stand-in. 😄 )


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Each eyebrow uses four hand drawn "hair" images. The first is applied as a colour and subtle bump decal on her skin. The other three are used as transparency decals on three separate patch layers, one on top of the next to suggest some thickness. The upper eyelashes use two layers of transparency decals while the lower lashes are only a single layer. The eyelash decals started life as images from on-line stores selling false lashes.


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Yeah, I tried that but that five point patch to the left of your first X (which then extended to your second X) started to do that "hey your stretching the 5 point algorithm too far" thing; acceptable with lots of surface texture, not so much on a cheek. My philosophy was to keep five pointers as small and symmetrical as possible. If the price for that is eight extra patches, so be it.

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