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Head won't go back to zero


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When I am setting up the relationship for this head and turn it to see if constraints on the neck are working it won't return to zero (looking straight ahead) when I type in zero in the y rotation. I've set up other heads the same way and they work but this one won't. Must be missing something. What am I doing wrong???

Brow2.tga EyeBallPupil2.tga HedNek.prj Wilbur2.mdl

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Hi Edward,

The core problem is that the Head bone you are making the target of the constraints is a child of the bones that are being constrained to it.



Something is wrong that it was even possible to make such constraints. It's a circularity!

If I make a copy of the Head bone, name it HeadControl, make it a child of Back, then remake the Orient Like constraints for Chest, Neck1 and Neck2 and... constrain Head 100% to HeadControl... I get motion like I would expect when I animate HeadControl.


Play the Chor in this PRJ...


I did this in v19.0, there was some oddness happening with constraints in v19.5 that I will need to report.

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