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Winking Tchaikovsky

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I was part of a trombone forum collaboration this year, the sort where everyone records their part individually and then it all gets edited together. Since we were playing a jazz arrangement of a Tchaikovsky piece I thought it would be cute to have him drop in at the very end and wink to the camera.

It would work like this...
(the bit of music in this demo is not our group, it's is previous recording of the piece)



Alas, it didn't get used. But, of course it was done in A:M.

I edited four versions of the painting... for the brow, the upper eyelid, the lower eyelid and the eyeball behind them. I added splines to outline the moving parts and did a muscle Pose to control each one individually.


I stacked the layers in the Chor, animated the Pose sliders and shot them with an orthogonal camera.


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