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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master

A Buffoon attempts to Capture his Mo - Hilarity ensues....


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A long long time ago (2013), I bought an Xbox 360 kinect with the intention of using it to make Motion capture files for A:M (seriously I've never even owned an Xbox 360). It did not go well and the kinect ended up being stored in my wire monster (The big tote where I keep all my miscellaneous wires and tech doo-dads).

Shamed into action by the Mocap contest, I started looking into the process again and discovered that there was free software capable of simultaneously capturing data from 2 kinect's, combining the info and then spit out a .BVH file. So naturally I went to my local second hand game store and bought a second kinect.

This afternoon, brimming with undeserved confidence, I rearranged my living room to make space for an inflatable air mattress and attempted to recreate one of UK Televisions most iconic moments. This one...

My wife kindly filmed the attempt.


I imported the resultant .BVH into A:M and well, see for yourself.

Yeah.... If you can believe it that was the tidied up version. Originally the kinect's thought my entire waist twisted 180 degrees about 2 seconds in. I'm pretty sure with some tinkering I could get better results but it's not a setup that I can leave set up. 

I also signed up for the free deep motion account and submitted the video my wife shot. It did an admirable job considering I wasn't facing that particular camera. But it didn't seem to understand the falling over. Again most likely due to the angle.

Anyway I hope that was a bit of a giggle for everyone.


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