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Hash, Inc. - Animation:Master

Cutting Room Floor Scene

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ALSO, just noticed, there seems to a shady user on Twitter going under a number of names, who is advertising Hash animation with an Amazon link. The link shows that they are sold out, but the whole thing looks like a scam for pirated copies. Here are the Twitter listings:  



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Weird how the tweets are from 2022 but none of the reviews on Amazon are older than 2013. Is there a way to see how long a product has been out of stock? I'm wondering if somebody bought copies of the perpetual license or boxed version years ago and then sold them on for an inflated price like those current sellers who buy stuff from Ali express and then resell them on Amazon with massive markups.

Not that that would explain why they're tweeting a link in 2022. Although it does seem like that entire Twitter account is just auto generated affiliate links. Potentially just a bot that makes a twitter account and spams affiliate links without checking stock quantities. 

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