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Can I get an XP compatible A:M version?

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I've sent messages multiple times over the past few months to various contact emails listed on Hash.com with the typical response being to contact a different email with no specific "Yes" or "No" answer to my request.

I know there was a server/system crash around March which backed responses up. The last response suggested posting here on the A:M forum and here's the post.

I want to purchase the newest A:M version that's compatible with Windows XP (v17?). 

Had v12 or v13 years ago and need an XP A:M again if possible.

Why XP? I have another design program that is no longer available beyond XP I used with A:M back then to speed up workflow and want to do so again.

It's too troublesome to import/export files from a newer A:M version on one cpu into this other old program on the cpu running XP. Same story with running a VM since the VM would have to run on the XP cpu since all the needed peripherals are also on the XP cpu.

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@AmXPWith the current license you buy at the Hash store you can run any version from v15 through v19.

You can get the installers for those old versions at ftp . hash . com /pub/updates/windows

I seem to recall I was still on Windows 2000 during v15 and v16 so i presume Windows XP, which came later, would run those also.

I think the scenario would be to buy the $79.99 license, run the v15 installer on the XP machine you intend to use and enter license key that was sent to you in email when prompted for it.

The generated master0.lic file  in your v15 folder can be copied to any other later version to enable it.


If you still have your CD from v12 or v13 that should still work in Windows XP and you could get the last update for that CD version at the ftp site also.

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If you need help setting up a virtual machine to run XP on a new windows system, I might be able to help with that.   I have run Virtualbox vms with XP on both Windows and Linux systems.   Currently in the process of testing an older version of AM running in a vm on Linux.   Let me know if you're interested and I can post a brief tutorial. 

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@Roger - Thanks for the offer, but it looks like we're getting it setup as requested (still trading emails, but making progress).

Making an A:M working in Virtualbox tut video sounds like a good idea.

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