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My "Planes Trains Automobiles" Contest entry was an experiment in displacement mapping...



The body of the car is just a simple spline form...



All the surface details... the doors, the handles, the windows, the rubber and chrome trim... that is all made with displacement maps.

There isn't an easy way to manually paint such maps in a paint program but it was easy to model the shapes on a flat plane. I put a white-to-black gradient on them and shot the arrangement with an orthogonal camera.



That render to OpenEXR format was applied to the body to be the displacement map. I made maps that way for the front and back details also...



I recolored the patches of that details model with white, gray and black to render versions of the map for Transparency and Reflectivity...



A turn-around of an earlier WIP version of the car...





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Thanks, @Michael Brennan, thanks @R Reynolds!


On 4/2/2022 at 9:20 PM, R Reynolds said:

That's really impressive; especially the deep cutout for the license plate which I never would have expected to be that believable. Well done!

Here is what the map looks like...

Rear DISP EXR.jpg


It helps that it was rendered to  OpenEXR. Here is a clsose-up of the rear of the car with a TGA version of the map. The stair-stepping is pretty severe...



With OpenEXR the displacement effect is smoother but there is still some funny business going on in places that I can't quite explain...


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there is still some funny business going on in places 

Yeah, it would never work for the car that needs to be ready for its close-up but for random vehicles parked in the background, more than adequate.

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