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Cookie Cut Bug? [work-around]


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Hello Hashers-

Doing a simple "cookie cut" mapping effect and it is not responding like it should. Instead of clean cutting it has a bizarre transparency effect whereby it chunks up the grid (see photo).

I have embedded the simple project if anyone would like to test it. Also attached is the tga image used for mapping in the event it wasn't embedded along with the project.


Thanks for any insights!



whitee0.tga CookieTest.prj

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Hi Tom,

A:M seems to apply the decal only to patches where any image pixels will be visible.  For most decals that works correctly but for cookie-cutters, the no-image portions are part of the effect.

For Cookie-cutter decals the work-around is to first apply a version of the decal that has no alpha transparency, then swap in the version with the alpha channel.


If you have your alternate version loaded into the PWS Images folder, you can make it the image the decal uses by choosing it from the drop down list that appears when you click on the image name in the Decal images folder...



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