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Ultra Quickstart: Model-Bone-Animate-Render

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Here it is, the complete CG animation workflow in just four small bites... and one Puppy Dog Tail!

Part 1 Modeling


Part 2 Bones


Part 3 Animation


Part 4 Rendering


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7 hours ago, createo said:

Why is there a difference between "project space" and "timeline" since they both use keyframes?

The "Timeline" window only shows what is currently selected. You can use the "pin" at the upper left corner to make items in the timeline remain after you deselect them.


The left pane of the Project Workspace (PWS) is an expandable/collapsible outline view of every asset in your project. You can select items in the PWS if they are hard to select in the Viewport. The reverse also works, if you select an item in the Viewport it will be found in the PWS.

The right pane of the PWS is a timeline window of keyframes that parallels whatever you have expanded and visible in the left pane. Nothing has to be selected to show in the right pane, it only has to be visible in the left pane.

The "Timeline" window existed first in A:M. A timeline in the PWS came much later, around v9... v10?

The PWS/timeline combination has turned out to be far more useful for managing complex projects so I rarely use the "Timeline."

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