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Z-Sumi? So sue me!

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Having trouble trying to reproduce the effects we saw with the Sumi plugin during the tutorial. I can't even get the window to open up where the user gets to play with the Sumi properties sliders!!! Yikes...I try double clicking on every line in the Project Workspace area but no window comes up...How do you get the Sumi editing window to appear?

I did find the "save as animation" line ... but when I render out the images they are just blank that show no sumi effects at all. User error obviously...

Attached is the project if anyone can pinpoint any errors, it would be much appreciated..




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I have split these posts into their own topic so they may persist after I clean up the Live Answer Time thread!.

Our successful  Live Answer Time investigation of the Z-Sumi plugin can be found in the October 31, 2020 edition, archived at live-answer-time-less-live-archived-versions/

Thanks for bringing the topic up, Tom!


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